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August 6, 2017

Deeply Vale 40th Anniversary 3DVD Set

Details here!

Review by Pete Feenstra here!

April 27, 2017

The Fall ‎- The Fall Live In Clitheroe

180-gram coloured vinyl gatefold sleeve limited edition

Released on Record Store Day 2017

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January 3, 2017

Joy Division’s producer and creator of the Manchester Sound Martin Hannett
His equipment and Strawberry Studios

To be released 23 March 2017.

A new A4-size book looking at the equipment Martin Hannett used in studios and owned in his collection of pro-audio musical and hi-fi equipment.  

Taken from never-before-seen notes of Hannett’s, this book gives an insight into how a lot of the equipment he used and listened to, actually worked.

Another two sections of the book cover Strawberry Studios, Stockport. Section 1 is about Strawberry Studios in the years before Hannett brought in the first punk bands. Section 2 is about Martin Hannett’s work in Strawberry with punk and post-punk bands including Joy Division. A further section of the book covers Rabid Records’ Cotton Lane, Manchester, headquarters with an amazing collection of previously unseen photos of  Martin, Tosh Ryan, Tony Wilson, John Cooper Clarke and Chris Sieve.

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Martin Hannett, His Equipment and Strawberry Studios, Sounds, January 11, 2017

40th Anniversary Weekend
2-Day Concert Celebrating Deeply Vale

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TWO DAY TICKET Price £38 + £1.50 booking fee & postage July-16th Sept
TWO DAY TICKET Price £43 on the door if any left

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People coming to the Deeply Vale Weekend at Heywood Civic Centre from outside the local area may wish to camp.
The campsite at Gelderwood is now full. The alternative is Hollingworth Lake Campsite, which is 5 miles away.
Please contact them on 01706 378661

Bring What You Expect To Find
The Deeply Vale Festivals Of The 1970s 6CD Box Set

272-page A4 book + 6 CDs (and a pack of incense!)

Pre-released in limited run 17th October, 2014
Main release 1st December, 2014
Dandelion Records

Details here!

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March 27, 2015

The Fall "It's Not Repetition, It's Discipline"

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February 5, 2015

Friday, 20th March, 2015
Heywood Civic Centre

Steve Hillage to play at the Deeply Vale event in Heywood.

Steve Hillage has agreed to play the Deeply Vale event at Heywood Civic Centre on 20th March 2015, performing his vintage material, including a chilled-out version of his 1978 album 'Green'.

Along with Steve Hillage, other bands will include Rochdale's 1970s legends Child's Play, Whitworth's Physical Wrecks and Wilful Damage, Heywood's Movement Banned, Manchester's George Borowski, Mike Sweeney and Victor Brox, Burnley's Not Sensibles and former Rochdale resident Andy Sharrocks of Accident on the East Lancs.

In 1978, 20,000 people crammed into Heywood, Rochdale's Ashworth Valley, on a Tuesday night to watch guitarist Steve Hillage at the third Deeply Vale festival. ('Green' was co-produced by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.) The Deeply Vale performance became legendary because of the crowd size and the performance quality in such a beautiful setting, preserved for a vinyl LP and CD - to be released much later.

Rochdale Online Link

Come and celebrate 39 years since Deeply Vale 1976 and 46 years since Wigwam's first concert at Heywood Civic with a whole host of counterculture bands from the Northwest with Rochdale Heywood Bury and Deeply Vale connections!

If you went to the Seven Stars, Wigwam, Deeply Vale, or Rochdale College Hall in the '60s, '70s or '80s, this gig is for you! David Smith will also give a short talk about why he decided to start Deeply Vale.

46 years ago, Mick Spratt met the rocking Heywood vicar, the Reverend Mike Huck, at the Wigwam '69 concert, Heywood Civic Hall, their band, The Movement Banned, would perform around the Northwest, and they would develop the PA company, Wigwam Acoustics, now a world-renowned company based in Heywood. In 1972, Spratt met Chris Hewitt (future Rochdale music entrepreneur) at the Rochdale Festival and they became friends. Wigwam would provide a PA for Tractor's first gig as a two-piece at Heywood Civic Hall later in 1972. By the second year of the Deeply Vale Festival, 1977, Movement Banned were playing there to a large crowd, and by the third year, 1978, Wigwam, Tractor Music and Mitrex had to pool their PAs, as the festival had grown so big.

Chris Hewitt's book and box set, "The Deeply Vale Box", details the whole history of the growth of the Heywood and Rochdale music scenes that led from the Seven Stars through to Deeply Vale. It received rapturous reviews in the music press in the run-up to Christmas 2014 and has just received another great review in the January/February 2015 edition of the R2 magazine.

January 31, 2015

David Bacha Band - No Sleep Until After Stonehenge

Further details here

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January 07, 2015

Tony Crabtree and Tractor are featured in the Radio 4 documentary, The Single Life, on 15th January, 2015

Back in 1981, Rochdale guitarist Tony Crabtree was being managed by Chris Hewitt and doing solo gigs, as well as playing keyboards and guitar in Tractor - the line-up also including Jim Milne, guitar and vocals, Dave Addison, bass, and Steve Clayton, drums.

They recorded a single penned by Jim Milne, "Average Man's Hero", financed by Chris Hewitt and released as Tractor '81 on Rochdale's Roach Records, a label, which Andy Sharrocks had started to release Accident On The East Lancs records on, and which Chris Hewitt got involved with to try and help promote his friend (Andy Sharrocks).

The Tractor single featuring Tony Crabtree was eventually recognised as a classic 80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal rarity, which is interesting, as Tractor had been in the album charts nine years earlier and reviewers then compared them to Zeppelin, Sabbath and Floyd. Rochdale author, broadcaster and musician Mark Hodkinson tells the story of Tony Crabtree and the Tractor single and interviews Chris Hewitt in a new Radio 4 documentary.


My good friend Mick Stott, guitarist of the legendary late '60s - early '70s Manchester band Stack Waddy, John Peel favourites, has died of a heart attack last night.

Stack Waddy were a heavy, hard-working band that Peel said were "punk before punk existed".

I was with Mick about two weeks ago, as he wanted to record some new guitar takes. He had not been well for a few years but had pulled through from operations for cancer, pretty much housebound the last few months, he was still a cheery soul, recounting tales of Stack Waddy gigs. He is survived by his son Ric.

Rest in peace, Mick, or, alternatively, give 'em some of that great Stack Waddy guitar, wherever you are.

Chris Hewitt

December 07, 2014

Kevin Coyne & Siren "Strange Relocomotion"

180 Gram Yellow Vinyl
Gatefold Sleeve
2LP Set
Only 500 Copies

Further details here

Record Collector Review

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Martin Hannett - Pleasures Of The Unknown

A factual book concerning the life and times of one of the originators of the Manchester Sound

By Chris Hewitt

204 pages

Authorised by Martin's wife and son, a 204-page book about Martin Hannett's life with an insightful look at his recording techniques. A useful companion to (but even more far-reaching than) the film on Martin Hannett.

Pre-order now - out on 10th April 2014

He wasn't just the 5th member of Joy Division
A film about Martin Hannett, record producer, musician, scientific experimenter with sound

Ozit Dandelion DVD 15
DVD released 5th May on Ozit Morpheus Records

Further details here

Pre-Order Director's Certified Copy, to be despatched 8th April, 2014!

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The Art Of Being Steve Clayton
Red Vinyl - Limited Edition 2LP set, autographed

New 180 Gram Heavy Coloured Vinyl

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John Peel's Tractor - The Road From Townhead Mill

(click above for full size)

Number of Discs: 3 (2LP+CD)
Label: Ozit Dandelion
Release Date: 1 October 2012

Signed producer's copy - available now and only from us!

Further details here

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April 5, 2014

Record Store Day Vinyl Releases - 19th April, 2014
Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl

The Ruts "The Highest Energy Ruts Live Album Ever"


Accident On The East Lancs - Rainy City Punk Volume 2


Don Van Vliet "Son Of Dustsucker" - the Roger Eagle tapes


String Driven Thing "The Steeple Claydon Tapes"


Order via this website - available if any stock left for despatch on or after 26th April, 2014

February 11, 2014

String Driven Thing "The Steeple Claydon Tapes"

180-Gram Gatefold Sleeve Blue Vinyl
Individually Numbered Limited Edition of 300
Extensive sleeve notes by Pete Frame (Rock Family Trees and Zig Zag) and Chris Adams

Record Store Day LP Release!

Release Date 19th April, 2014

Further details here

Record Collector Review

Pre-Order via this website - available if any stock left for despatch on or after 26th April, 2014

February 1, 2014

Read new String Driven Thing Interview in the It's Psychedelic Baby Webzine

November 1, 2013

Rainy City Punk - Manchester Punk and Post-Punk Independent Singles Volume 1

180-gram blue vinyl
OzitDan LP 8016
Gatefold LP release from Ozit-numbered limited edition.

Further details here

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June 17, 2013

The Fall - Live In San Fransisco

(click above for full size)

Release Date: 17 June 2013

Gatefold sleeve limited initial pressing of 1,000 on purple vinyl.

Further details here

Read review from thequietus.com, July 2013

Read review from Record Collector, September 2013

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April 14, 2013

April 6, 2013

Chris Hewitt and his two sons would like to offer their heartfelt sympathy to Carolynn and Natasha, wife and daughter of Big George, and to Shifty, Deke from the band and Richie the Roadie. Ozit Records family and crew spent many happy hours on tour with Big George and the Business. George spent some great times with me here in England at my house too. We will miss you big man!

George 'Big George' Watt Obituary
Blues musician, July 2, 1958 - April 2, 2013

George Ross Watt, popularly known as Big George, who has died aged 54, was a blues guitarist and singer who took a sound forged in the bars of Glasgow to the home of the blues in America and toured his music across the world without ever fully receiving the recognition that his talent and his band, Big George and the Business, deserved.

At the Montreal Blues Festival in 1992, Big George and the Business sat above blues stars including Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry's legendary pianist Johnny Johnson, Buddy Guy and Robert Jr. Lockwood on the festival's posters and t-shirts. And although Big George knew this was only because his band's name was longer than the others, he was able tell friends back home that Johnson, former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor and Guy's rhythm section accompanied him on one of his own songs as they jammed at an after-hours session.

This incident was at the centre of a typical Big George scrape. When the police arrived at the Hard Rock Café that night, looking to put a stop to the noise, they were informed that the musicians were taking part in a video shoot and the party was allowed to continue.

Big George was born within the sound of Glasgow's shipyards and engineering works and took up the guitar in his early teens, inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Paul Kossoff of Free but especially by his big hero, Cork-born bluesman Rory Gallagher. Nothing would stop him practising and trying to emulate Gallagher – pals arriving at his door to ask him if he wanted to play football were told he was too busy with his guitar – and his devotion to Gallagher was such that for his mother's birthday one year, he could think of nothing for her present other than taking her to see his hero.

His mother loved the gig and when Big George started playing in local bands such as Backwater and the Glasgow Blues Legends, his mother and his auntie Betty would show up in front of the stage to encourage – or occasionally heckle him. In return, Big George called them the Blues Mothers and they became a familiar sight at venues including Burns Howff and the Halt Bar.

Big George had talent beyond the local player level, however. This was recognised by fellow Glaswegian Jimmy Dewar, who had played bass with Stone the Crows and featured as the gritty, soulful singer and bass guitarist in the world-conquering Robin Trower Band of the 1970s. Big George and Dewar hooked up and played together for four years until illness forced Dewar to retire.

Undaunted, Big George established Big George and the Business and began earning a reputation that took them across Europe and Scandinavia, and as the band's former roadie, Richie Devlin, recalled, found them creating their own Spinal Tap moments. On one occasion the band played a gig at the special unit in Barlinnie and a documentary depicted Big George helping an inmate with a song that, arranged for the Business, featured on one of the band's albums.

In 1993 Big George and the Business appeared in Peter MacDougall's television play Down Among the Big Boys, which starred Billy Connolly, for which McDougall apparently insisted that the BBC pay Big George, who didn't have a bank account, in cash rather than the usual cheque.

As well as playing the blues, which made Big George and the Business the natural support band for Buddy Guy's triumphant appearance in Glasgow in 1992 (Guy's band remembered the Business from their encounter in Montreal earlier that year), Big George had wide interests in music, art, films and literature. He was a big fan of singer-guitarist Richard Thompson and he recorded with former Marillion frontman Fish, among many other collaborations. He was particularly pleased to be made an honorary member of the Mohawk tribe on one of many tours of Canada that followed the band's success at the aforementioned Montreal Blues Festival.

In 2008, Big George and the Business came to an unscheduled stop when Big George suffered a stroke. He was still trying to play his way back to top form when, in January this year, he was rescued by a neighbour from a fire in his house in Knightswood. He spent weeks in intensive care and lost all his material possessions, although his many friends rallied round and he was said to be regaining the Big George spirit that made him such a popular and much loved figure, not just with music fans but with neighbours and everyone who knew him. Big George is survived by his wife, Carolynn and his daughter, Natasha, and will be remembered for the passion of his singing and guitar playing and the enthusiasm and good times he shared with everyone who came into contact with him.

Rob Adams

February 2, 2013

Tractor/The Way We Live interview, It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine, February 2013 - read here.

December 18, 2012

String Driven Thing @ The Great British Folk Festival

Venue: Butlins
Town: Skegness
Date: 30th November - 2nd December

Having been burnt by Hunter Muskett, I approached String Driven Thing with a certain amount of trepidation, it couldn't have been more misplaced, String Driven Thing folk'n'rocked. It may be the fortieth anniversary of the band signing to Charisma and touring with Genesis, but they are definitely not a band content to rest on past glories.

This was a band that seemed intent on creating a few more happy memories for both themselves and their audience. This is a band that have a real enthusiasm for their music and the talent that allows them to convey that to the crowd.

The post dinner slot can be a difficult one, this set a standard for how it should be done. Hit hard, make an impact, smoke and smoulder for a couple of numbers then feed in the oxygen and let the whole thing flaring. This was also a band that was pretty much intact from their earlier career, though they don't always have as many playing as were here today and even the newer members have years with the band. Songs from both periods of the band drove the set onwards and upwards, permeated by some decent banter to get everyone up to date with good humour. String Driven Thing were absolutely the right call. A buzzing room, job done.

Coincidently forty years ago was also the year that seminal folk rock album "Morris On" was released. The album featured the electrification of traditional Morris tunes and songs and featured the likes of Richard Thompson. Ashley Hutchings, The Governor, links the forty years and it's no coincidence that he returned to the latest incantation of The Albion Band to provide much of the instrumentation, along with top accordionist and Morris man, Simon Care.

Ashley Hutchings & Morris on kicked off the proceedings with great gusto, The Albion Band's Tom A Wright literally took a trip out from behind the drum kit, to play guitar when he took a tumble going arse over tip courtesy of a guitar lead.(6:38 into video on the right). Fortunately man and instrument are made of hard stuff, there was no appeal for a penalty he just got back to his feet and played on, bouncing around like nothing had happened.

Of course you can't have a celebration of Morris On without Morris dancing. Unfortunately timing changes meant that the Belles Of London were no longer able to be the illustrating side. They were replaced by Moulton Morris, a young side from Northamptonshire.

If you have negative preconceptions of Morris, put them to one side now. Morris dancing is a great tradition and one that we should be proud of. Just watching a top Morris dancing side is knackering, let alone actually taking part. In basic terms we had both hanky and stick, as well as a pair taking it in turns to dance over the churchwardens pipes. It would have been a very expensive audience to have bought each and every member a drink for, had they get it wrong and broken the pipes.

The whole show was a fusion of sound and visual, traditional tunes and songs sit very well on rocking out electrical instruments. It was definitely one that will live long in the mind as well as a reminder that the English do have great traditional songs and dances that stand equal with the best from anywhere in the world. We would be foolish to forget or mock and here's to Ashley Hutchings for pulling the show together and doing so with such panache.


October 19, 2012

Grahame Smith makes a rare live appearance on violin with String Driven Thing at the Great British Folk Weekend on Sunday, 2nd December 2012 at Butlins, Skegness, Lincolnshire, a three-day indoor weekend festival.

String Driven Thing with Chris Adams and Grahame Smith will be on at 1 pm Sunday.

For those who missed their London appearance with Grahame in May this appearance should not be missed. A YouTube interview with Chris and Grahame about String Driven Thing was done in London.

October 14, 2012

String Driven Thing - Songs From Another Country

(Live in Skegness, 2012)

Further details here

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October 11, 2012

Graham Smith's new novel, "The Vision Of Omigali", is available through www.thepowerofgray.com as an Amazon Kindle edition.  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thepowerofgray

August 25, 2012

Black Monday - The Last Days of FAC251, The Factory Records Office

Pre-release Directors Copy available now!

Further details here

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August 10, 2012

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Only around 500 sets for the whole world!

Available now by phoning (44) 01565 734066 or order via this website

Further details here

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May 8, 2012

Further details here

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String Driven Thing - upcoming gigs

The Railway in Saddleworth
Saturday 12th May 2012 9:00 PM
The Railway, Greenfield, Saddleworth, OL3 7JZ (upstairs in the concert room)
Tickets can be booked by phone with a card by calling Ozit Records on 01565 734066 7 days a week
Book early as venue capacity is 70 and may sell out

The BoomBoom Club in London
Sunday 13th May 2012 7:30 PM
Sutton United Football Club
The Borough Sports Ground
Gander Green Lane
Sutton, Surrey SM1 2EY
Tickets may be booked here or by phone, and will be held until 9pm on the night, unless arranged otherwise
Call Pete Feenstra 0208 761 9078
For all VDGG fans: the London date includes Graham Smith

February 27, 2012

London 40th Anniversary of signing to Charisma Records
And to celebrate their new CD release, "Live On The Foxtrot Tour"

The band includes founder members Chris Adams, Grahame Smith and Pauline Adams. Since 1973, there has only been one show featuring the classic String Driven Thing line-up of guitarist Chris Adams, violinist Grahame Smith and vocalist Pauline Adams.

Aside from SDT, Grahame Smith was also renowned for his work with Van Der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill. The anniversary is also notable for the fact that SDT got so many encores supporting Genesis that Phil Collins had them removed from the Foxtrot tour!

May 2012 Extra Dates

Saturday 12th May - The Railway, Greenfield, Saddleworth OL3 7JZ (upstairs in the concert room). Ticket details to be announced.

Sunday 13 May – London, 40th Anniversary Show including Chris Adams, Grahame Smith and Pauline Adams
@ The Boom Boom Club/Sutton Utd FC, The Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green Lane, Sutton, Surrey SM1
7.30pm £10 advance / £12 on the door
Bookings 0208 761 9078 / www.feenstra.co.uk

February 12, 2012

String Driven Thing - Live on the Foxtrot Tour (40th Anniversary)

It's been 40 years since String Driven Thing opened for Genesis on the Foxtrot tour and also since they were signed to Charisma.  This CD celebrates the anniversary and commemorates both events.

The band are playing live dates in 2012 - stay tuned for the news!

Further details here

Read review here

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September 17, 2011

Martin Hannett - Maverick Producer, Genius and Musician

OZIT CD 9010

Further details here

Read review here

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August 11, 2011

Various - (The Late John Peel & Chris Hewitt Present) Peterloo


Further details here

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July 3, 2011

John Cooper Clarke - Zip Style DVD – Rough Treasure Chest

Classic Rock Magazine writes:


Further details here

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December 18, 2010

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)
January 15, 1941 - December 17, 2010

November 30, 2010

Grateful Dead Hollywood Festival T-Shirt

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

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November 22, 2010

Bickershaw Festival 1972 Volume 2
Ozit DVD 12

Available to order now from Ozit website

Will be shipped 6th December and onwards

Region 0

Over four hours of archive film and stills

Completely revamped version of the old Bickershaw DVD. There is now a lot of new archive film, stills and audio, making this new version over four hours long rather than one and a half. The original sections from the first DVD have been completely re - edited and appended - the only interview that stays from the first DVD is the Jerry Garcia one in the Grateful Dead section.

There is footage of artists on Volume 2 that wasn't included on the first one. There were only 2 great multi - day Greenfield Music Festivals with camping in North - West England in the '70s, Bickershaw and Deeply Vale.

The admission to Bickershaw, held on a fairly wet May weekend in 1972, was around £2.25 in advance for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Around 40,000 people attended and the festival inspired many audience members to pursue careers in the music industry.

Further details here

Order via this website and receive a set of 10 limited edition postcards!

July 27, 2010

Kevin Lamb remasters (Kevin’s Personal Tapes)

Who Is The Hero
Release Date: 23 August 2010

Sailing Down The Years
Release Date: 26 July 2010

Read Kevin's Bio here

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July 5, 2010

Various Artists - Punk Poets Beatniks And Counter Culture Heroes

Further details here

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Martin Hannett

(click above to view full size images)

by Chris Hewitt

Coming soon - the definitive book and DVD. The true story of the man who created the Manchester Sound. The most innovative and influential producer in modern music.

Published by Ozit Morpheus in 2010.

Ian Curtis/Joy Division and Martin Hannett Exhibition at Fac251 Manchester

(click above to view full size)

Read Mick Middles' story here

The Factory, 112-118 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 7EN
Sunday 16th May to Wednesday 19th May 2010
12 Noon to 6 pm daily

An exhibition showcasing Joy Division memorabilia collated by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt.

Over the years, a lot of musical and recording equipment and instruments associated with Joy Division have been collated by Chris and Hooky. As an avid collector, Hooky will also be showing many paper artefacts and other objects related to Joy Division publicly for the first time.

The Ian Curtis/Joy Division exhibition at The Factory’s top floor boardroom will contain at least six display cases full of Peter Hook’s collection of Joy Division artefacts. There will be a scene of the Joy Division rehearsal room with instruments and amplification that the band used at gigs and rehearsals, whilst the Joy Division recording session scene will recreate an Ian Curtis vocal take, including the actual studio screens he recorded his vocals behind, as well as a collection of producer Martin Hannett’s original equipment, including the microphone configuration that Martin Hannett used, Martin Hannett’s legendary collection of outboard delay equipment that defined the Joy Division Sound, Hannett’s own tape recorder and several of his early echo units.

This will be a unique insight into the artefacts, instruments, amplification and recording equipment of one of Manchester’s seminal bands.

Thanks to Salford Museum and Rochdale Arts and Heritage Service for loan of display cases.

April 25, 2010

Grateful Dead at The Hollywood Festival
North-West England, 1970

(click above to view full size images)

DVD and CD set
Ozit DVD 10

It’s some grainy bits of film (filmed in the main by an acid-spiked crew) of one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the English rock counterculture and festivals. The Grateful Dead come to England in 1970 for their first ever concert and it’s in the open air at a festival near Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, North West England. It’s one of the only times in England when Pigpen was on absolutely top form and he takes a lot of the vocal leads stood up behind his organ. There were plans to film and audio record everyone on the bill for the whole festival weekend, but someone travelling with the Grateful Dead’s entourage gave acid to most people working on the film and sound recordings. Fortunately, the whole of the Grateful Dead’s set was recorded on audio and around five song’s worth of band and crowd footage was filmed during their set by the acid-tripping film crew. Also filmed were short sections of Free, Family, Screaming Lord Sutch, John Peel and Radha Krishna Temple.

Period early 70s artwork, beautiful fold-out Hollywood Festival archive DVD booklet

Further details here

Read review here

Order via this website

The Hacienda Peter Hook Limited Edition Bass Guitars

(click above to view full size images)

With maple neck and fretboard (fretboard made from original pieces of Hacienda Canadian maple dance floor). A series of six long-scale EB2/335 shape bass guitars are to be custom built by Rochdale guitar builder Brian Eastwood with HAC numbers 51 to 56.

The design ideas have been put together by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt and are being turned into reality by custom guitar builder Brian Eastwood. The initial idea came from Chris Hewitt, who was collecting together bits of original Hacienda dance floor for another project with Peter Hook. Chris noticed that pieces of the original Hacienda maple dance floor were about the right width to make a maple fretboard for guitar necks, and so the idea of a Hacienda Peter Hook bass guitar was born.

Chris Hewitt has been involved in suggesting unusual guitar ideas for Brian Eastwood to build in the past (Brian built a twelve-string guitar for Tractor and the body was a mini-tractor tyre; he also built a moon-shaped guitar for Showaddywaddy - for their Top of the Pops appearance). Brian has worked on servicing and modifying Joy Division and New Order guitars through the years through Hooky’s association with Chris Hewitt and Rochdale, where of course Hooky and Chris Hewitt owned Suite 16 recording studios.

A lot of the innovative features of the Hacienda internal design/architecture will be incorporated into various parts of the guitar. The first guitar will be ready in mid-April.

For more info, email Chris Hewitt ozitrecords@gmail.com or ring 01565 734066

April 18, 2010

Billy Fury 70th Birthday Special Editions - Rarities Volumes 11 & 12

(click above to view full size images)

To celebrate what would have been Billy Fury's 70th birthday, we continue with our popular rarities series - with the Special Birthday Editions, Volumes 11 and 12.

18 great tracks on Volume 11; 21 great tracks on Volume 12. Fold-out birthday CD booklet.

Not available in shops - very limited supply - the rarities series has become much sought-after and a couple of complete sets went for a very high price at a recent music memorabilia auction!

Order from 17th April 2010 for delivery in about 14 days.

February 21, 2010

Billy Fury 25th Anniversary DVD

Only a few numbered, signed, certificated copies left now - the signed certificated version was always going to be rare with it containing the eight extra postcards and the certificate, but no one expected it to virtually sell out so quickly and for it to be resold second hand at over £70 in some places! Snap a new one up now whilst some are still left - remember, only Ozit-Morpheus website and www.billyfuryofficial.com sell the signed, certificated version with the special extra set of postcards!

(click to view full size images)(click to view full size images)(click to view full size images)
(click to view full size images)

(click above to view full size images)

January 28, 2008 was the 25th anniversary of Billy Fury's passing.

To commemorate this date, Ozit-Morpheus Records, Billy Fury Ltd. and The Wycherley Family, in conjunction with Odeon Entertainment, released a special version of the 25th Anniversary DVD, "His Wondrous Story".

The special numbered certified Limited Edition CD/DVD box set contains a numbered certificate signed by Billy's mum and brother. It also includes an extra set of eight Billy Fury colour postcards. This special limited run set with the signed certificate and the colour postcards set is only available via mail-order from Ozit-Morpheus Records/Billy Fury Ltd.

The special set contains:

His Wondrous Story DVD
Additional Music CD - 16 tracks of Billy Fury
Extended DVD booklet
Eight black and white postcards
Eight colour postcards
Hand-signed certificate from Billy's family
Special silver anniversary slip over sleeve for the case

Tel.: 01565 734066 or email ozitrecords@gmail.com to order your set now.

(click to view full size image)(click to view full size image)
(click above to view full size images)

February 20, 2010

New from Ozit-Morpheus

String Driven Thing - Keep Yer 'And On It & Please Mind Your Head

(click above to view full size images)

From Grahame Smiths Personal Tapes

Order via this website

Billy Fury - Maybe Tomorrow DVD

(click to view full size images)
(click above to view full size images)

Features some very rare, previously unseen film footage of Billy Fury with a soundtrack of some interesting songs from Billy's career

Order via this website

Old News