Kevin Coyne & Siren "Strange Relocomotion"

Ozit Dan LP 8022

180 Gram Yellow Vinyl
Gatefold Sleeve
2LP Set
Only 500 Copies

A unique reunion of Siren with Kevin Coyne, Dave Clague and Nick Cudworth for the first time since the '70s - a concert put together by Chris Hewitt of Ozit Morpheus Records and Dandelion Records and with help from John Peel.

Track List

1. Strange Locomotion
2. 16 Women
3. First Time I Saw Your Face
4. Gardener Man
5. Ze Ze Ze
6. Cheat Me
7. Witch
8. Miner Song
9. Marlene
10. Saviour
11. Baby Blue
12. Blame It On The Night
13. The Stride
14. Relaxing With Bonnie Lou

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