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July 2020 tribute from Barbie, Emma's cousin here.

Eddie would have turned 70.

Read a very special tribute from Emma Harding here.

"Always in my heart and on my mind". Eddie has left us all with a very special gift, his music. I have spent so many hours listening to his songs, which, like the two of us, have stood the test of time, with everything that time brings, the good, bad, happy, and sad. His songs are the diary of his life, which was sometimes "rocky" to say the least, but his music saw him through. I have always appreciated how gifted he and his musician friends were. I consider myself fortunate to have met and toured with some of the best. They continue to fill our lives with their music, present and past, continuing into the future. I am not a musician, just a music lover who found myself in the position of supporter and observer, always looking from the outside in at these very special people who have a bond like no other, a special breed. I have received so many lovely messages and so much support over the past few days, for which I am so thankful, to know that there were so many of you who loved and appreciated him as much as I did. It's something we can share, bringing us all closer at this sad time. It's a great shame he is no longer here to feel the love. His aim was to please, not just himself, but all his fans who stayed with him over the years, and it would appear there are many. People will remember Eddie not just for the songs, his voice, as a solo artist, a master of keyboards, especially that Hammond!, a part of the Spencer Davis Group, Hardin/York, a friend, a husband, a stepfather to my daughter Nicky and son Martin, a proud father to Emma, his daughter, a big personality with a great sense of wit and humour, but also, from time to time, a difficult, cantankerous old bugger. He was a true Music Man. Music was his life. He hated the music "business" but loved the music. The songs live on.

RIP Eddie.

25th July, 2015

My friend in music as in life has passed. The impact we made as "The World's Smallest Big Band" was great, with three Gold albums during our touring from 1969 onwards. We both had energy and enthusiasm and developed ourselves to be able to hold an audience for two breathless hours every night with only the organ and drums. Among the most creative playing of both our lives. I spoke to him almost every day in these recent times as we were hoping for a revival and picking up good critics. Then, on Wednesday morning, he didn't answer. We will miss him greatly and send heartfelt condolences to Liz and Emma.

Pete York
24th July, 2015

Very sad to hear about Eddie. His was one of the best and funniest sessions I've done; he really looked after me and we had such a lovely time.

Love always,
Deborah Bonham

Eddie Hardin, one of the greatest British musicians, has tragically died, aged 66. Melodicist of the highest caliber, on par with Paul McCartney, he first came to prominence as a keyboard player and singer with SPENCER DAVIS GROUP before quitting (and, later, returning), together with drummer Pete York, to work as HARDIN & YORK for years. Then, there were AXIS POINT with former FAMILY members, and a string of brilliant solo albums of which the “Wizard’s Convention” trilogy, with many guest singers, including David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, stands out.

And, of course, nobody but Eddie could pull out two beautiful “animal” concepts: “The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast” and “Wind In The Willows,” although the first one is attributed to Hardin’s friend Roger Glover, while the stage realizations of both of them featured another DEEP PURPLE member, Jon Lord. A master of memorable tune, without whom there wouldn’t be the fantastic “Love Is All” that Ronnie James Dio so gloriously sang, and many more perfect pop-rock confections, Eddie Hardin will be sorely missed.

Eddie Hardin, R.I.P.

Dmitry M. Epstein
July, 2015

July 25, 2015

So sorry to hear of Eddie's passing, I always liked him, a great player and a wonderful sense of extreme humour, we were of the same mindset. Thanks for the memories, Eddie!

Tony Newman

Dear Ed. I worked with him just one time. We had plans to do a movie about Johnny Ray, with him writing with Zak Starkey, as he wrote the "Wind In The Willows" music together with him. I liked him, as a new friend back then it was a great experience doing the show in the Black Forest! Wish we could have followed through with that musical project. It would have been great! We love you, young man... always will! I am saddened deeply.

To his family I send my love.

Graham Bonnet

July 24, 2015

My dear, dear friend. I'm so sorry for not having met you in person, while remaining your erstwhile webmaster over the course of the last 17 years. There's really no excuse, and it's too late now.

For not making an effort to attend the Concerto event at the Royal Albert Hall in '99, where I would've also met, as your guest of honour, such giants of rock as Jon Lord and Ronnie James Dio (both RIP). There's absolutely no excuse for that either.

And, finally, for not venturing out to France for a few days when you were inviting me "so we could finally meet". I will never forgive myself.

We did have a good chat on the phone and via email on occasion, and proofreading and posting your blog entries on the official site was always so much fun.

I hope you're in a better place now. No, I'm sure you're at peace. Thank you so very much for all the great moments of joy you've brought to this fan and countless others with your tremendous musical contributions, there will never be another one like you.

Rest in peace, Eddie.

Alex G

I only worked with him twice, but he was good to me and a good musician. He will be sadly missed.

John Lawton
July, 2015

February 23, 2015

Eddie in Beat Instrumental, November 1968
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December 24, 2014

The Spencer Davis Group / Hardin York 2015 Tour Dates announced!

November 25, 2014

Eddie has played a very special show with the Spencer Davis Group at the London Palladium on 16th November, 2014.

September 2, 2014

John Acock, R.I.P.

It is with the deepest regret that I have to say that my engineer, friend and companion since 1974, John Acock, has sadly passed away. He was an inspiration to me in my writing and recording, notably The Wizards Convention. We worked together both in England and France and he engineered my daughter's album.

There are no more words that I can say to express my feelings for this man… They are few and far between.

Thank you for the music, John.

Eddie, distressed in France

April 20, 2014

R.I.P. Paul Wise (The Pike)
1949 - 2014

October 25, 2012

Pete York's 70th Birthday Show!

7th November, 2012

20:00 Circus Krone, Munich

Hardin & York are reuniting for a ONE NIGHT ONLY show!

The show will be filmed for a DVD release.


Special guests:

Jonathan Douglas Lord
9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

July 27, 2011

Eddie would like to apologise for cancelling the Hardin York reunion tour due to ill health.

Everything that can be done is being done for a speedy recovery and we hope he will be fit and back on his feet by September.

It has been worrying time and unfortunate timing with what was to be the start of Hardin/York. Eddie regrets all the inconvenience he caused and is thankful for the help and support of Stef, Pete and Bernie Zylka during his traumatic days in Germany.

He'll be back!

January 21, 2011

As some of you may know already, Eddie has been dealing with some health-related challenges lately, but he wanted me to let you all know that he's in good spirits and feeling better every day!  The H&Y Reunion gigs are definitely on!

Eddie also wants to thank everyone who has supported him during these trying times (and BOLLOCKS to those who haven't!)


Alex (webmaster)

December 18, 2010

Hardin York Reunion 2011 - first gig announced!

Jahnhalle Weinstadt-Endersbach
Saturday 26 March 2011

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July 3, 2010

Clam Classic Rock Festival - Burg Clam, Klam - Austria
9th July, 2010

Lovely Days Festival - Wiesen - Austria
10th July, 2010



May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio
(1942 – 2010)

May 2, 2010

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Solo piano show
Place: Naturgewalten - List, Sylt (an Island off the coast of Hamburg)
Starring: Eddie Hardin - piano, Steff Porzel - acoustic guitar

January 17, 2010

YouTube interviews with Roger Glover, Ronnie James Dio, Eddie Hardin, Ray Fenwick and Alan Aldridge (author of the book) on Butterfly Ball. Filmed circa 1999.

November 11, 2009

Max, SDG's Australian Roadie, dies

On my first meeting with Max, I have to say I was horrified, he wore no shoes, a tatty old T-Shirt and shorts! Well, it just goes to show how wrong you can be, because he turned out to be one of the gentlest men ever and NOTHING was too much trouble for him.

I guess I'm quite demanding, but he never let me down. I'm only sorry I didn't stay more in touch with him, though I got all the latest news from Steff.

I will miss you, Max.

Eddie Hardin, France, November 2009

October 4, 2009


It is with great sadness that I have to write that an old friend of mine, Denyse, took her own life and is no longer with us.

We kept in touch since 1967 and it came as a real shock when I received an e-mail from her husband Ken.

I first met Denyse on the SDG's first US tour in 1967 and we became firm friends. I was only 18 then, as was she, and between us we muddled through the crazy times of what seemed to be a drug-crazed continent, a side of life in which, I have to say, neither one of us got involved.

She came to the UK and stayed with me and my family, though the last time I saw her was in Los Angeles in the mid-70s.

It's a brave thing to take your own life, though things, I guess, must be pretty desperate and I'm sure we ALL go through periods of great depression. We always talked about meeting up in either Paris or Monte Carlo, though sadly it never came to fruition. She had a great career as a lawyer in San Francisco and in her mails to me she always seemed very up and positive, which is why it came as such a shock.

I will always remember the days in New York where I stayed at her family's apartment. Devastating news and my thoughts are with her husband Ken and indeed her family. How one copes with this I just don't know.

R.I.P. Denyse.

Eddie Hardin, France, October 2009

July 10, 2009

Tom Keylock, driver and minder of the Rolling Stones, dies

Tom Keylock passed away on the 2nd July. He will be sadly missed, he was a good friend to me and my family.



I don't want to namedrop or any of that old shit but I inherited Spud from Rod Stewart, who lived not a sparrow's fart from me. Spud looked after 8 acres of land on his own. He was pissed 99% of the time but never failed in his duties. At first I thought he was a fucking fruitcake though gradually realized that he was well read and in many ways a gentleman.

He held court in our pub, 'The Red Lion', night after night after I'd bought him the entire case of Guinness. Many musicians will remember him, especially Rick Wakeman... Spud poured a pint of lager over his head for no apparent reason!

I grew to respect, admire and in a way love the guy (I'm not a fucking poof).

Spud died on Sunday morning and strangely enough I tried to telephone him that very same morning. This news knocked me sideways and I will always remember him in the fondest of possible ways. I still have, here in France, the garden bench we had from which we could NOT get up (pissed) and he was the only guy I knew who could drink a bottle of wine while listening to 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' by Dusty Springfield.

Spud, old friend, you will be in my thoughts forever. Hope you find a good spot in the bar wherever you may be now.

Your Dear Friend Eddie

January 15, 2009

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December 1, 2008

July 19, 2008

Hardin-Fenwick Band Live DVD
Copies individually signed by Eddie Hardin and Ray Fenwick!

1. Livin' In A Backstreet
2. Feel Your Way
3. As Long As I Still Have You
4. Time Seller
5. Don't Want You No More
6. Every Little Bit Hurts
7. Let's Have A Party
8. Each And Every Highway
9. Tomorrow Today
10. Badge
11. I'm A Man
12. Gimme Some Lovin'

Order Here!

Responses to the Youtube clip:

March 9, 2008

featuring GARY TWIGG (bass) and STEFF PORZELL (drums and stunning vocals)
are playing at THE DOWNTOWN BLUES CLUB in Hamburg on 29th March, 2008


December 10, 2007

The long awaited Eddie update!

May 24, 2007


Available for order at our Shop!

May 5, 2007

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April 5, 2007

March 26, 2007

December 15, 2006

November 30, 2006

November 3, 2006

September 12, 2006

August 22, 2006

August 6, 2006

April 1, 2006

Butterfly Ball Gets A DVD Release!

(no, this is not an April's Fool joke!)

Proceed to our SHOP for more details!

March 12, 2006

Emma gets married!

Emma's Wedding
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John Fisher, R.I.P.
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JULY 1948 - FEBRUARY 2006



November 20, 2005

SDG Live 2005 - Official Bootleg CD
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October 6, 2005

Hammond XK-3
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February 5, 2005


July 30, 2004


Where: The Punch Bowl, Mayfair (London)
When: TBA

Eddie will be personally autographing YOUR copy of ALAB!

Here's how to get there!

July 23, 2004

June 30, 2004

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Spencer Davis Group Tour 2004 - Eddie's tour report posted!

Pictures from the tour here!

Ain’t Life A Bastard! - 36 Years of Musical Mayhem
by Eddie Hardin

Winchester write Oliver Gray worked with Eddie Hardin on this most bizarre of rock autobiographies. All those many people who enjoyed Oliver's previous books, ‘VOLUME’ and ‘V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.’, will love this one! Official publication date is June 28th but advance review copies are available NOW.

The fledgling Hammond organ player and singer Eddie Hardin was just seventeen when he passed the audition to replace Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group. His life, from that moment on, could never again be "normal", but even by rock and roll standards, Eddie has seen and done it all.

“Standard” rock biographies specialise in lengthy musical analyses and track-by-track album reviews, plus the customary doomy tales of drug-fuelled excess and shady business shenanigans. But this is not your “standard” rock biography. With an irrepressible sense of fun, Eddie prefers to concentrate on the sheer madness of life in this most unreal of professions. Be careful if reading ALAB on a train, since your laughter may well disturb your fellow travellers' mobile phone conversations.

Read how Eddie:
- played the NME Poll Winners' concert at the Albert Hall at the age of seventeen
- caused numerous riots in German venues during the Sixties and Seventies
- befriended Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft
- played the final night of Hamburg's Star Club
- upstaged Todd Rundgren and the New York Dolls at the New York Waldorf
- witnessed drummer Tony Newman setting fire to his testicles in a pub
- built a brick wall down the middle inside his mansion during a marital dispute
- drank Paul McCartney's last beer
- got into numerous scrapes with the likes of Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Ian Gillan, Keith Moon, Christine Perfect and even Cliff Richard (whom he characterizes as a "God Botherer"). Plus, of course, the inimitable Spencer Davis!
- made a million and lost it again
- was given weeks to live if he didn't curb his alcoholic excesses
- finally found love and contentment and came to terms with his "life on the road"

REVILO, P.O.Box 71, Winchester, SO21 1ZE UK
Tel/Fax 01962-714520
On the web:

March 20, 2004

March 7, 2004

Eddie Hardin Painting by Gisela Kloetzer

December 14, 2003


August 21, 2003

I've been copying my solo piano albums this morning for releases with other companies. I noticed how my emotions have changed over the years, I can tell from my playing.

What a strange and wonderful thing music is, I can hear the depressions, the ups and the downs, and it all comes from my fingers. Just struck me as a weird moment, like it wasn't me playing at that time. I personally can tell what I was feeling when I hear the melodies, but I doubt that many people have heard it or could even begin to undertsand it.

E.H. 21/8/03

On 13th September 2003 a Tribute Concert for Peter Tetteroo will be held in the Sports Hall "De Buitenhof" at the Martinus Nijhofflaan in Delft, Holland.  Peter, who was a world famous singer (Tee-set) and a Delft town councillor, died in September 2002 of a liver disease. This concert, in his memory, is organised by Ferry and Diana Windsant and Walter and Anja Tetteroo (WallFair Foundation). The enormous help of the sponsoring companies and people, and all the participating artists make this possible.

After a flying start earlier this year and a huge effort to organize the planning and sponsoring, the musical part is now on its feet. We are happy to present you a short introduction of the participating artists (in random order):

Ray Fenwick and Eddie Hardin (The Spencer Davis Group) who enthusiastically offered their cooperation are coming over to Holland to play at the concert. This is a very special moment, not to say memorable event: Ray Fenwick and Eddie Hardin will play together again on the same stage for the first time in 15 years! We really look forward to hearing their Spencer Davis Medley, and we expect everybody to sing along to all those wonderful songs that bring back so many sweet memories!. This concert is a must for all you Hammond-lovers out there!

Also many thanks to Anita Meyer who like many other artists playing on the night, has gracefully accepted the invitation to come and sing, despite busy schedules. One of the highlights of the evening shall definitely be a performance of one of her greatest songs "Why tell me why". 

Mark Boon, the an accomplished Dutch musician (Diesel member, at this moment touring with Henk Westbroek) was also very enthusiastic to participate in the event. Mark will play his big hit "Sausalito Nights", together with the Polle Eduard Band, and will be performing as guest with Casino.

Henk Westbroek, (former political colleague of Peter in a more national way) was invited too, but unfortunately has engagements elsewhere, on the other side of the country, sorry Henk we'll miss you. 

We are sure you will appreciate the tribute off the Musicmen, a quintet with exceptional good taste and "Good Vibration"! You simply MUST hear their version of - amongst others - some Beach Boys songs!

The Soul and Gospel Choir Elias, under professional conduction of Eli 't Hart will certainly touch your heart. We can't wait for you to hear the 'Tribute' song by Ferry Windsant with all these angels to sing along! Also a 'little' talent with a big voice called Sandy will raise her voice in a romantic duet with Ferry

Polle Eduard has been a member of the original Tee-Set from the beginning and we are very proud and happy that he is one of the leading acts on the 13th . Polle is a Delft town councillor as well, and we thank you Polle for opening doors too! Polle will perform with his 'Polle Eduard Band', featuring virtuosos Beau Wassenbergh (Drums), Peter van Heijningen (Guitar) and Frank Papendrecht (Bass)

Sweaty Pants is a local (Delft) band consisting of: Ron Broekhart (Guitar), Marcel Bazuin (Guitar), Dennis Lutz (Singer), Daan Zeydner (Drums), Jan van der Lugt (Bass). Special Guest: Rob Plazier (ex-Tee-Set).

We thank Ron for letting us use his Studio 52 for recording amongst other things the duet with Ferry Windsant and Mariska Veres for Peter Tetteroo's cremation ceremony. ("Ron, thanks man, I depend on you for future projects! Stick around and stay with me").

The opening act is the winner of the annual Delft musicians competition, organised by Stichting Westerpop to stimulate new local talent. Peter Tetteroo was a well-respected member of the jury for many years. After his death the organising committee of this competition decided to dedicate the award to Peter, and ever since the award is called 'the Peter Tetteroo Bokaal'. 

Ferry Windsant (yes, initiating organiser) will play with his band of nearly 25(!) years: Casino. Casino is: Roy Cruz (Bass), Rob Hoogkamer (guitar), Alex Buurman (Keyboard) Taco Gorter (Drums) and guests Jolande Radder en Evelien v.d. Kruit (backing vocals), Peter van Heijningen (Guitar), Eli 't Hart (Keyboard) and Beau Wassenbergh (Drums). Casino had a little success in the early eighties and during the last two years of Peter's life Casino was playing with him as, if you like, 'a last version of Tee-Set'. Peter asked Ferry to play and sing on his funeral and Ferry composed a song for the occasion: 'Let it be' - Ferry's own 'Tribute Song', will be played on the 13th too. Hope you'll like it….

("New big plans unfortunately still on the shelves. Peter, man, we hope with this we can somehow finish what we had started, I know you'll be there my friend!"). 

Oh, and you simply MUST stay until the end and hear the Grand Finale sung by one of Holland's top power voices: Ronald Soeterbroek. The big hit 'Butterfly Ball' (all you need is love and understanding….) was written by Eddie Hardin and Roger Glover in the early seventies and the original was sung by Ronnie Dio (remember the video clip with the cartoon frog with the banjo…). Watch out: Ronald's performance will take your breath away, but we need you to pay your tribute in the end to sing with all the artist! 

Well, this was a short introduction/summary of all our musical 'FRIENDS' without whom we would not be able to manage! Also a big thank you to all our sponsors, see the link 'SPONSORS' on our website. We need you all, in order to succeed and make this 13th A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! And off course to be able to present to the Stomach, Liver & Intestine Foundation, and to the Liduina Foundation (transport for disabled people by volunteers) a NICE BIG CHEQUE!!!!

Please also have a look on the link "ARTIESTEN" on our website and click on the various photo's to open the respective websites of our stars (if available).

A big thank-you also to all you visitors/readers. Please buy a ticket and join us for what should turn out to be a wonderful party. See you on the 13th!

Ferry Windsant, Diana Windsant, Walter & Anja Tetteroo

July 30, 2003


July 28, 2003

New tour announcement


May 15, 2003

May 3, 2003

Purple Records announces

Eddie Hardin & Guests - 2003 edition (remaster)
Wizard's Convention Purple Records PUR 316/5 022911 316310

New liner notes:

Former Spencer Davis Group keyboard player Eddie Hardin had many friends in the rock business by the time he came to record this album in 1976. Rather than do a traditional solo album, he wrote the songs and then asked a number of musicians to help him record them. Deep Purple's David Coverdale, Jon Lord, Roger Glover and Glenn Hughes joined other guests including Mark Nauseef (from Elf and Rainbow), Tony Ashton, Mike D'Abo, Ray Fenwick and drummer Pete York. The result was an album full of variety and styles, which later became much sought after by Deep Purple collectors. Yet, despite a couple of earlier attempts, the project has never been properly compiled for CD until now, where the original album is augmented by three bonus tracks done at the time which couldn't be fitted on the original album (with vocals by Ronnie Dio, who would join Blackmore's Rainbow shortly after this).

Other guests include: Ric Lee (Ten Years After), Rick van der Linden (Ekseption), Mike D'Abo (Manfred Mann), Mo Foster, Leslie Binks, and Henry Spinetti.

The CD is being advertised in Classic Rock and will be reviewed in the usual magazines. It is also being promoted via the Eddie Hardin and Deep Purple web sites. Eddie Hardin's name is very much associated with Deep Purple following many projects he and band members have worked on over the years, right up to the Royal Albert Hall Orchestral show in 1999 where he played keyboards.

The new sleeve has been adapted from colourful artwork done for the original album in Germany, while the accompanying booklet carries the usual detailed notes, rare pictures and a discography.

Original album:
[1] The Craig Song - vocals Eddie Hardin 1:34
[2] When The Sun Stops Shining - vocals Ray Fenwick 2:40
[3] Loose Ends - vocals Jimmy Helms 4:16
[4] Money To Burn - vocals David Coverdale 3:54
[5] Whose Counting On Me - vocals Mike D'Abo/Mike Smith 4:45
[6] Make It Soon - vocals Eddie Hardin 2:24
[7] Until Tomorrow Part 1-4 - vocals Glenn Hughes 6:53
[8] Light Of My Life - vocals Glenn Hughes/Eddie Hardin 3:44
[9] She's A Woman - vocals Jimmy Helms 6:40
[10] Swanks And Swells Part 1 - vocals Tony Ashton 3:29
[11] Swanks And Swells Part 2 - 1:13

Bonus Tracks:
[12] Goodnight Children - vocals Eddie Hardin
[12] Summer Days - vocals Eddie Hardin/Ronnie James Dio 3:06
[13] Seems I'm Always Gonna Love You - vocals Eddie Hardin/Ronnie James Dio 4:07

Simon Robinson, 2003

Visit Purple Records - for Deep Purple and Related Releases

March 21, 2003

March 8, 2003

The reviews are in!

Hardin & York - Wind in the Willows - Rock Concert - Angel Air Waves DVD

February 11, 2003


February 2, 2003

Both Axis Point albums finally reissued on CD, thanks to BGO Records!  Proceed to our SHOP for more details!

January 25, 2003

Midem 2003 report - read all about it here!

December 26, 2002


So here we are at the dawning of yet another year... My God, the road really does go on forever! This last year, I seem to have spent much of it on four wheels but there were great bits, good bits, average bits and absolutely awful bits.

Next year sees us taking on Italy for the first time in a long time, the last time I was there with Spencer was in 1967!!! We have 2 days in Naples where the plan is to rehearse. This year has seen the departure of more old and dear friends, and I guess we still carry a 'burning torch' in their memory. I do hope that more of us survive THIS YEAR!

Over this festive period I have been particularly affected by the loss of my mother; she died on December 17th 2000, and it's a loss I am finding increasingly hard to deal with, though I'm told time heals... I personally think it makes the wound deeper. However, we must not be morose!

May I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you who have written, left messages, or even just looked (I find it a great compliment to my minimal input and influence over the music of today or rather yesterday; there would certainly NOT be some artists around if I had any influence on today's market... that is, what there is of it!) a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2003, and maybe I'll get to meet some of you on my forthcoming travels.

Stay healthy and, most of all, happy!

Eddie Hardin
Christmas 2002

December 12, 2002

December 2, 2002

October 17, 2002


September 17, 2002

Peter Tetteroo (Tee Set founder, lead singer) R.I.P.
08-07-1947 ~ 09-09-2002

I spoke with Peter a few days before he died, he sounded like the guy I'd known for so many years, and it was such a shock to hear the final news. I did what I could during his last days though it seems it was futile. The worst thing for me is that he was part of my generation and although perhaps not recognised in England he was and will remain an artiste of his time in his homeland, Holland, a country with which I have an enormous affinity. I have spent so many happy days in Holland and on one occasion I myself was ill during a visit, and Peter did everything he could to help me. I have been in constant touch with Ray Fenwick who was much closer to Peter than myself, and I can tell you, he is devastated.

There have been many tragic deaths within the musicians fraternity as of late, and Peter is now another statistic. But I don't think we should forget that Peter had a GREAT life and lived it to the full and the way he wanted to.

My last recollection was when he was working in my studio in Sunningdale, England, strangely enough, recording a tribute CD to the Spencer Davis Group. We partied like there was no tomorrow, though, sadly, one day there just isn't one.

He'll remain in my memory along with all my other sadly lost musician friends, though we must remember that we, musicians, are part of somebody's life somewhere, and Peter is certainly within the heart and soul of Holland.

May he rest in peace.

Eddie Hardin 17/9/02

August 19, 2002

Eddie's Prospective Musicians' Workshop

Emma, myself and Terry Lewis, Emma's boyfriend and a great guitarist, are thinking of starting a music workshop/educational course for musicians to come and learn their craft right here in the South of France. It will be for vocals, keyboards and guitar. We'd like to call it "The Musique Rooms". I could certainly give people some tips on the Hammond which I now have installed here. Emma is a qualified vocal teacher as is Terry, in fact they're both teaching in England now!


July 12, 2002

Upcoming releases from BGO and Angel Air!

News from Eddie:

'Wind In The Willows', the live concert filmed at the Freiburg Festival, is being released on DVD late September by Angel Air!

BGO records to release both Axispoint albums on CD! They will have bonus tracks plus a section of a concert recorded in Leicester with Bob Tench guesting, also some crazy bits of rehearsals which are wonderful.

June 12, 2002

Just released!

Spencer Davis Group "Time Seller" - Special Edition!
RPM Records, RPM 508

"With Their New Face On" - original album
1967 Film - a documentary on the band

Buy it at www.amazon.co.uk!

This special edition "Time Seller" package contains the group's classic psych/pop album, "With Their New Face On", originally released in 1968, plus a bonus CDROM with a fascinating documentary film made in 1967 about the new group line-up, showing them live, in rehearsal, songwriting, doing promotion work.

"With Their New Face On"

With Their New Face On (Davis/Hardin)
Mr. Second Class (Davis/Hardin)
Alec In Transit Land (Davis/Hardin/Duncan/York)
Sanity Inspector (Davis/Hardin)
Feel Your Way (Davis/Hardin)
Morning Sun (Davis/Hardin/Duncan/James)
Moonshine (Davis/Hardin/York)
Don't Want You No More (Davis/Hardin)
Time Seller (Davis/Hardin)
Stop Me, I'm Falling (Davis/Hardin)

Produced by Spencer Davis, except 1 & 4 by Mike Hurst
Released 1968, United Artists
Songs published by Spencer Davis Music/Polygram

This release p & 2002 RPM, a division of Cherry Red Records, Ltd., issued under license from The Spencer Davis Group, courtesy of Eddie Hardin.

Documentary Film, 1967
Running time approximately 56 minutes

Act 1
Spencer Intro/Live - 'Have Mercy'/Spencer interview
Act 2
Rehearsal/'Great Shakes' advert recording/Discussion about forthcoming US tour/PR Office
Act 3
Live at Stockport/Rehearsal/Live - 'The Hammer Song' (Winwood/Winwood/Davis/York)/Live - 'Mean Woman Blues' (C. Demetrius)
Act 4
Film Soundtracks/Writing 'Robin Hood' (Davis) and 'Picture of Her' (Davis)/Photo session
Act 5
Live at The Marquee/Live - 'Dust My Broom' (E. James/R. Johnson)/Live - 'Looking Back' (Davis/Sawyer)/Outro: meeting Noel Redding, Mick Jagger, leaving on a jet plane

Film in English with commentary in German

Copyright 1967, The Spencer Davis Group
p 2002 RPM, a division of Cherry Red Records, Ltd., issued under license from The Spencer Davis Group, courtesy of Eddie Hardin.

May 19, 2002

Eddie's back from tour!

The Happy Chappies!  SDG Tour 2002

The Happy Chappies! SDG Tour 2002

See more pictures in our regular Photo Page

May 15, 2002

March 5, 2002

Wind In The Willows - A Love Story (the original 1985 version) is now available on CD from Purple Records!

Click here to view full size CD coverClick here to view full size booklet (on the inside)

Order from Amazon.co.uk!

Record Collector, March 2002

December 4, 2001

28 November, 2001

All New Spencer Davis Group tour dates for 2002 have been announced (SDG to tour together with The Yardbirds and The Troggs)!

4 September, 2001

14 August, 2001

Annie Haslam has contacted Eddie with the intent to record 'Wind In The Willows', the song, for either a new Renaissance album or her new solo album!

13 July, 2001

17 June, 2001

Update from Eddie

30 May, 2001

Tony Ashton, R.I.P.

My first recollection of Tony was when I saw him with The Remo Four: they did a concert tour of Britain with The Beatles, at this time I was just a kid in the audience.

A few years later, I toured with him as one-half of Hardin & York. The night that will always stick in my mind was when we played at The Opera House in Harrogate, "Resurrection Shuffle" was No.1, and I suppose we all felt pretty safe in the thought that it would be a full house... it wasn't! I think there was a maximum crowd of 5 people!! Anyhow, so few that I could have driven the audience home.

My instinct was to cancel the show altogether but Tony insisted on playing his entire set, as in the end did Pete York and myself. Tony dotted his brass section around the theatre thus giving the first surround-sound concert ever!

He was a trooper who laughed in the face of adversity, and during his life there was a lot of that.

I went to the first PAL concert at Finsbury Park which in itself was an event insofar as Tony fell off the stage during the first song and the compere (Ronald Frazer, a drinking mate of Tony's) was too pissed to compere!

Tony's piano style was unique though sometimes a little frightening. During the Butterfly Ball days, we rehearsed for a week to get everything tight, and on the night at the Albert Hall, Tony decided to play with a different approach to the one we'd rehearsed all week! Amazingly, he always pulled these things off and he turned out to be the star of the show on this occasion as well.

He arrived in a 1930s style dinner suit, with greased hair and lots of whiskey/lager/wine/champagne in him but he was a sensation... he always was... drunk or sober.

Later, I recorded the first Wizards Convention album, and Tony was the obvious choice for 'Swanks And Swells'. This song started its life as a very melodic tune which Tony couldn't get to grips with - he said, "Can I try it my way?" He did, and it was perfect, though nothing at all how I'd planned it. Next, we did 'Wind In The Willows' and again rehearsed for a week. Once again, on the actual night of the performance, he came up with something totally different and once again he pulled it off!! He created a new set of lyrics in his mind, on the spot... quite incredible!

His final recording with me was 'Zermatitis Blues' which was written especially for him in honour of his obsession with Zermatt and of course his 'presidency' over the Zermatt Yacht Club, a badge he had emblazoned on his Cary Grant blazer. I spent some happy times with Tony, and when he came over to France to visit me, we drank for England and - judging by the state of my head - for every place else as well.

He was a great guy who deserved more out of life than he got; he was messed up with bad business dealings as, indeed, we all were at some time or another, but I don't think he could ever understand just why people couldn't be straight, and to my knowledge he never fought for what was rightly his.

He wrote some great songs and had the perfect character voice. In his own way he was a genius at his craft - a talent that will be sadly missed. On my next Wizards album there will be an empty space where Tony should have been.

My wife Liz, daughter Emma and I send him our love wherever he may be now, but wherever he is, I bet it's licensed!

Bye for now, Tone.

23 May, 2001

Wind in the Willows - original 1985 recording, first time on CD!

"Wind in the Willows - A Love Story", Eddie's original 1985 studio recording, remastered and bolstered by additional bonus tracks, is to be released officially by Purple Records on CD, and the previously unavailable, rare video broadcast of the 1991 concert, recorded at the time and preserved by German television - on DVD!!  Watch this space for more details!

7 May, 2001

Bogus CD release

With the stickerWithout the stickerBackInlay


(click on the thumbnails above to see full size images)

Wizards Convention Volumes 1 and 3 have been re-released by Big Eye Records (probably a subsidiary of Cleopatra/Purple Pyramid Records in California), as "The Deep Purple Family", omitting Eddie's authorship altogether, on either cover or the spine of the release!

In reality, this is the domestic (US) version of the Eagle Rock Entertainment double CD set (Wizards Convention 1 and 3 with bonus tracks), which was released in the UK/EEC as "Eddie Hardin's Wizards Convention - The Original Masters" in 1999.

15 November, 2000


Two new items from our SHOP:

Voiceprint Records - booooooooo!!!!

19 September, 2000

Voiceprint have reissued Eddie's Dawn Til Dusk album and miscredited it on the back side to Michael Chapman, a real faux pas!  We sincerely hope that they get their act together as quickly as possible and reprint the correct version.  Click below to see the offending cover.

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6 September, 2000

Moscow-based rock magazine In Rock has published a feature profiling Eddie's entire career, written by yours truly.  For those of you who can read Russian, click on the below thumbnails to view the full size pages of the article:

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27 August, 2000

For those of you who can read French, check out the following article on Eddie published in French newspaper MIDI LIBRE!

Click here to enlarge

15 July, 2000

Eddie has supplied me with an article from a Brazilian newspaper, so I've asked my friend Rodrigo in Brazil to translate it for us - here's the result!

Eddie Hardin: To The Master With Kindness…

When keyboardist/vocalist of the seminal 60s rock formation, Spencer Davis Group, one Stevie Winwood, decided to jump ship for another rock legend of that period, Traffic, he advised the rest of the band to contact in his stead a young revelation of British rock scene - singer, piano player and songwriter Eddie Hardin. After about 5 years with the band, Eddie went solo and worked together with Roger Glover (of Deep Purple fame), Iris Williams and Mike D'Abo. Now two of his albums are being re-released by Angel Air Records, 'Circumstancial Evidence' (81) and 'Wind In The Willows Concert' (91). 

The first one was born out of the artist's flirtation with American R&B. It's interesting to hear, if just for the relative hits, "California" and "Little Teaser", and Eddie's cover versions of "It Won't Be Long" (Beatles) and "Maybe I'm Amazed" (McCartney). Among the six bonus tracks, there's also a cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and a demo version of "Love Is All" (originally on "Butterfly Ball"), recently rescued for a Volkswagen TV advert in Europe, with renowned heavy metal crooner Ronnie James Dio guesting on vocals. The other album is a live document from a concert which took place in Germany and featured such fine musicians as Denny Laine, Donovan, Maggie Bell, Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr and an excellent drummer in his own right!), amongst others. Eddie Hardin's intention was to put a child's book to music, and it's turned out to be a big success. This release is of precious value to all fans and collectors of Eddie's music. Check them both out, as this forgotten master has long been due for some kindness!

(Jorge Albuquerque)
Translation by Rodrigo Werneck

Stars'n'Snakes come out for Tony Ashton at Abbey Road

Abbey Road's Studio 2 has played host to a star or three in the past. But when Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi - alias master of ceremonies Ewan MacGregor - took the stage, the occasion really was out of this world. He was there along with a galaxy of rock legends as a testimonial to recently ailing Tony Ashton, the veteran keyboardist of Ashton Gardner and Dyke, Family and Paice/Aston/Lord fame. A paying audience of some 300 at BP30 a head were happily doing likewise.

According to MacGregor, who got to know the hard-living Ashton at their local, his pal had very nearly done the 'Resurrection Shuffle' permanently, "but the pubs in heaven opened at seven and it was only half four". His continued earthly existence was celebrated by a crew that ranged from British rock pioneer Joe Brown, through jazz/blues legend Chris Barber to a supergroup featuring Hardin and York, Geoff Whitehorn and Zoot Money.

The pace quickened when Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden recreated Whitesnake circa 1980 with Jon Lord, Ian Paice and Neil Murray, Robert Hart assuming the David Coverdale role. 'Fool For Your Lovin", 'Ready And Willing', 'Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues' and (inevitably) 'Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City' preceded Bernie and Jon's acoustic version of 'Here I Go Again'.

Ashton himself had played a short cameo set accompanied by Pete York and ex-Wishbone Ash guitarist Laurie Wisefield and, though he needed time to recuperate, was able to join the early hours finale. It turned out to be a mini Paice/Aston/Lord reunion, Bernie handling the singing for 'Ghost Story' and 'Sneaky Private Lee' as Howie Casey, the PAL album's original saxophonist, lent a hand.

Musical highlight of the evening was John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, John Entwistle and Zak, Starkey, collectively the rhythm section of the latter-day Who, tearing up a handful of rock'n'roll classics - 'My Generation' included - in the company of singer/guitarist Gary Nuttall (we'd never heard of him either, but he did alright).

They also played 'Shakin' All Over', probably not realising it was first committed to tape in these very studios exactly 40 years ago. One of Hardin and York's earlier offerings had been 'Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out'; if nothing else, this benefit gave the lie to that.

Apart from the guest of honour, most popular individual was blonde ex-Pan's People dancer Babs Lord, now Mrs. Robert Powell, who was seen swapping Top Of The Pops stories with the assembled stars. Last word, though, must go to Mr. Ashton. "That bloody Ewan MacGregor lookalike," he muttered. "Cost me a fortune!"

Donations may still be sent to: The Tony Ashton Testimonial Fund, 3 West Cottages, London NW6 1RJ.

Classic Rock, August 2000

Click here to read Walid Itayim's fantastic account of the Ashton Event!

6 June, 2000

From www.thehighwaystar.com and http://www.tonyashton.co.uk

Tony Ashton Testimonial Concert

Tony Ashton will be known to most Deep Purple fans for his involvement with the "Paice, Ashton, Lord" project, but to music fans in general everything from The Remo Four to most recently playing the Hell Blues Festival in a fetching pair of pyjamas.

Tony's been a little off colour recently, so a bunch of friends decided to give him a party to celebrate his recovery and to recognise his contribution to music above and beyond the call of duty free.

The party takes place at Abbey Road Studios on the 16th June 2000 and you are invited, along with Pete York, Jon Lord, Chris Barber, Eddie Hardin, Zoot Money, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, John Entwhistle, Zac Starkey, ace auctioneer Joe Brown (yes, he is related to Sam) and many, many others.

Space is limited and admission is strictly by ticket only. So, if you'd like to join us please send at least BP30 per ticket and an SAE to:

The Tony Ashton Testimonial Fund
3 West Cottages

If you REALLY need more information than this, e-mail: concert@deep-purple.com
See you there...

Thanks to Sandra Ashton and Richard Poustie for the information.

2 June, 2000

17 April, 2000

New CD - "Listen Everyone - The Best Of Hardin & York"

4 April, 2000

Well the HARDIN & YORK tour's now over and it really was a great success!  I found it quite amazing how many fans from way back took the trouble and made the effort to come and see us so many years on.  I don't think I've ever signed so many copies of our CDs and vinyl recordings ever before...  I didn't realise we'd sold so many!!

But one of the nicer things was that Pete and myself have gotten on so well together; we've had our ups and downs over the years and, to be honest, we're both pretty difficult and complex people but it shows that whatever may pass, thirty-plus years of friendship and, on occasion, hardship cannot be destroyed.

Liz, my wife, came along for this tour and loved every minute of it; there was a lot of travelling but every journey was a pleasure.  We recounted stories of the past and laughed and laughed and laughed...

We recorded one of the shows and I've been playing back the tapes and they
sound great.  I'll spend the next few weeks mixing and then hopefully there will be a new LIVE HARDIN & YORK album on the market.

But more importantly, the present: we took this seriously and it certainly paid off and subsequently the two 'grumpy old men' in the form of HARDIN & YORK are indeed BACK!!!


18 March, 2000


7 March, 2000


Keep On Runinng
Nothing Yet
Cold Night In The City
Sombrero Sam
Mel's Blues
The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba
It's Over

29 January, 2000


19 December, 1999

3 October, 1999

29 September, 1999

Eddie's Royal Albert Hall Event Report:
(for more information on the 30th Anniversary Deep Purple concert of 26 September, 1999, at the Royal Albert Hall click here)

Well I'm finally back in France!!!

What a week it was, the concert was fantastic, Ronnie was singing even better than I'd anticipated and LOVE IS ALL sounded tremendous, we did of course have the help of THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, plus a 5 piece extra 'rock' brass section.

It was a week of rehearsal/concert [............], then Hotel and then the next day the same again... I'm totally knackered.  The drive home took 18 hours due to bad weather and traffic delays.  Still I'm home for a while now.

The whole concert is going to be released on EAGLE as a video/DVD/CD in January.

George Harrison popped in on saturday night to see the show, so that was especially nice for me being a huge Beatle fan, he might have got to play on LOVE IS ALL but rehearsal time was too tight.

Pete York came also, and we talked about H&Y touring in March of next year. Let me have ALL the latest news, I'm going to relax for a while now.

All the best,

26 August, 1999


20 August, 1999

18 August, 1999

(From Peter Purnell, Cee Dee Mailorder/Angel Air Records)

15 August, 1999


12 July, 1999

2CD Spencer Davis Group compilation "Original Masters" - a repackaging of "With Their New Face On" (1968) and "Catch You On The Rebop" (Live 1973) albums.

2CD version of "Wizards Convention" with some tracks off Eddie's "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks" solo album

2CD Hardin & York compilation (still in the stage of being compiled) - four new never-before released bonus tarcks and a whole slew of rare, previously unpublished photographed are slated to appear in it

2 July, 1999


21 June, 1999

18 June, 1999


27 May, 1999

Alex (webmaster)

16 April, 1999