T.V.Smith’s Explorers - Featuring T.V.Smith Of The Adverts   "The Last Words Of The Great Explorer"

Digitally Remastered From The Rare U.S. Master Tape Mix Plus Extra Tracks

Track List

1. The Perfect Life
2. The Servant
3. Have Fun
4. Walk Away
5. The Last Words Of The Great Explorer
6. I Live For Everything
7. Imagination
8. The Easy Way
9. The Unwelcome Guest
+ Extra Tracks
10. Tomahawk Cruise
11. See Europe
12. Looking Down On London
13. A World Of My Own
14. Walk In A Straight Line
Extra Live Tracks
15. The Servant
16. The Last Words Of The Great Explorer
17. Walk Away
18. Looking Down On London

Fully Detailed CD Booklet With Complete Pete Frame "Adverts" + TV Smith Family Tree

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