Tractor "Worst Enemies"

The follow-up album from a major cult act of the 1970s, whose two Dandelion Records releases of the 1970s (1971’s "A Candle For Judith" by The Way We Live, a name which was changed to Tractor for the group's eponymous 1972 LP) became much sought after and very expensive to acquire in original vinyl form. The tracks on "Worst Enemies" were recorded between 1973 and 1991. Based around the nucleus of singer/lead guitarist/songwriter and sometimes bass player Jim Milne, and drummer/percussionist and sometimes bass player Steve Clayton, Tractor’s line-up expanded to three, four and five members as their progressive sound advanced. 1996 marks the group's 30th anniversary in rock music, and the "Worst Enemies" CD not only includes studio tracks intended to form part of their third LP (which was not released at the time because Dandelion stopped issuing albums), but also rare indie singles: these were released in the 1970s and 1980s, and have become virtually unobtainable and the subject of very high prices among collectors.

"Worst Enemies" includes the 21 minute epic, "Peterloo"; written about the Manchester massacre of a peasants’ revolt by proud soldiers just returned from the Battle Of Waterloo, "Peterloo" is regarded as a notable example of inspired songwriting. John Peel called Tractor’s guitarist, Jim Milne "the man responsible for some of the most urgent, flowing and logical guitar playing I've ever heard".

Much hailed in hippie/biker/free festival and psychedelic guitar band discussions, even today in the 1990s Tractor continue to excite with their rare appearances and albums. ‘Time Out’ said of the band: "Urgent, lyrical and of staggering depth, range and eclecticism".

Many Tractor aficionados are said to be attracted to the band’s music due to the stark contrast between their sometimes lightweight acoustic introductions and their heavyweight electric climactic finales.

Track Listing

1. Lost On The Ocean
2. Average Man's Hero      
3. Suicidal
4. Argument For One
5. Word Games
6. Trick Of The Light
7. Scotch Boulevard
8. No More Rock'n'Roll
9. Peterloo
Part A - Peterloo (overture, song, massacre)
Part B - With Hunt We’ll Go
Part C - We Three Country Gentlemen
Part D - The Very Same Men
Part E - Reprise

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