Thin Boy Fat (Fog) "Enter The Hot Dream"
OZIT CD 0072

New CD Of Essential Mixes Featuring The Voice Of Jim Morrison

Long before Fat Boy Slim mixed "Bird of Prey" using Jim Morrison's voice, Thin Boy Fat (Fog) put together this album of essential music mixes featuring Jim Morrison. Thin Boy Fat himself features on and has composed two of the tracks on the album.

Track listing:

  1. Strange Territory - Mark Pistel Of Meat Beat Manifesto
  2. Trespass - Transmutator
  3. This Place Has Everything - Darl Morgan And Johnny Belmonte
  4. Beach Town - DJ Cristian B
  5. Mixed Up Voyeur - Matt Green
  6. Psychology Of The Voyeur - Darl Morgan And Ralph Cavallaro
  7. Something's Wrong - Darl Morgan
  8. Here To Have Fun - Morgan And Grean
  9. Enter The Hot Dream (Original Mix) - Thin Boy Fat (Fog)
  10. Enter The Hot Dream (Dream Groove Mix) - Thin Boy Fat (Fog)

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