String Driven Thing "In the Studio 72, Live in Switzerland 73, Live in London 95"

Following successful reissues by Ozit Records of two previous SDT albums (‘Suicide - Live In Berlin' OZITCD0018) and The Machine That Cried (band’s official version - OZITCD0021), this latest compilation includes the band’s complete first studio LP for Charisma Records (originally released in 1972 and confusingly titled 'String Driven Thing' - there had previously been another eponymously - titled LP by the band), as well as seven bonus tracks.

Lasting 77 minutes and including 17 tracks, this collection also includes the rare 1972 single, 'Eddie’, five previously unreleased live archive tracks from 1973 recorded in Switzerland (with drummer Billy 'The Kid’ Fairley) plus a previously unreleased live track from 1995 digitally recorded in London.

Based around the nucleus of vocalt/rhythm guitarist/songwriter Chris Adams, his wife, Pauline Adams (vocals) and Grahame Smith (violin, later with Van Der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill), String Driven Thing were highly rated, and this album almost exclusively features a group line-up which includes Chris Adams and Grahame Smith. With 8 page booklet containing rare photographs of various line-ups of String Driven Thing. and featuring the original front sleeve illustration by Hipgnosis, with additional design by Steve Jacuzzi (responsible for the two previous Ozit SDT releases).

'Q' magazine noted in 1998: "S.D.T. were Scottish progressive rockers whose appeal rested largely on the scrapings of their classically trained violinist Grahame Smith. Nothing jaunty or Celtic, mind - his style was almost Mogadon morose - and with leader Chris Adams supplying the suitably dark and troubled musings".

Track Listing

Studio Tracks (1972)
1. Circus
2. Fairground
3. Hooked On The Road
4. To Be Free
5. Diamond
6. Let Me Down
7. Very Last Blue Yodel
8. My Real Hero
9. Regent St. Incident
10. There You Are
11. Eddie (bonus studio track)
Live From Switzerland (1973)
12. Let Me Down
13. Then I Met The Lady
14. My Real Hero
15. To See You
16. Circus
Live from London (1995)
17. Pride

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