Jim Morrison of The Doors "Stoned But Articulate"

Discovered by Chris Hewitt of Ozit Records, this previously unheard 17 minute interview conducted in a recording studio with Doors singer Jim Morrison during the group's 1968 European tour, includes many extraordinary statements by the late (and legendary) self-styled "Lizard King".

Much of the conversation, which remained unplayed on a reel-to-reel tape for nearly 25 years, is concerned with the infamous antics which made Morrison a hero of late Sixties' youth culture, with apparently specific references to celebrated shows in New Haven, Connecticut and Florida.

Q magazine's review of this album noted: "What's amusing is that Morrison is quite heroically stoned here: his voice sometimes cracks up mid-sentence, presumably after drawing on an almighty spliff. This leads to real profundity."

One of the most important Doors/Morrison artifacts to be discovered and released this decade was found in the dustbin of a recording studio in 1968. On this CD mastered from the original analogue tape, a rather stoned Morrison talks into a high quality tape machine.

The Doors Quarterly Magazine recommended this CD because of its content and its perfect hifi quality. Consider this, and you'll have an insightful 17 minutes alone with Jim Morrison.

Authenticated by official Doors biographer/manager Danny Sugerman as undoubtedly being the voice of Jim Morrison.

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