Khabbra are guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Surinder Khabbra and drummer/percussionist Steve Clayton (of Tractor) who also produced this album.

Born in Delhi, Surinder Khabbra moved to England in the late 1960s, and during the early 1970s, he was the bass player in a live incarnation of Tractor with Jim Milne & Steve Clayton. While maintaining his links with Steve Clayton, Khabbra departed to pursue his own career as a guitarist, and despite living in Amsterdam, Holland, has spent the last two years commuting from there to a studio in England, specifically in the valleys outside Rochdale in Lancashire - the place from which Tractor emerged, to work with Steve Clayton on this uniquely excellent album.

Although he has clearly been influenced by such luminaries as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana (both the original British-based duo of Patrick Campbell-Lyons & Alex Spyropoulos, and the more recent "grunge" group starring the late Kurt Cobain), Jacques Brel and the cream of Sixties psychedelia from both sides of the Atlantic, Surinder Khabbra's music with its blend of raw-edged guitar, thunderous percussion and the almost hypnotic melodic structure of his songs, remains distinctly his own.

Jim Milne of Tractor, who heard this album for the first time after it was released, called it "remarkably good", adding that he was able to detect elements in the album of the work of his own group, Tractor. He also noted "The songs are well-crafted, and there is a thoughtful balance pervading the entire album".

Track Listing

1.   You Blow My Mind
2.   AMG
3.   Fire
4.   Wrong Dream
5.   Ocean Green
6.   Don't Blame Me
7.   Your Favourite Things
8.   Zebra
9.   Light The Blue Touch Paper
10. I Can Only Be Me

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