Gerry Marsden "Much Missed Man"
OZIT CD 0009

New release in honour of the much-loved and missed John Lennon

An album of audio dialogue dedicated to John Lennon, featuring the superb new recording, "Much Missed Man" by Gerry Marsden

Anyone who loved John Lennon will love this album… the eerie feel of the White Room filled the air as you hear the intro… John's voice comes back to you as if spoken only today about Peace and Love. After the white piano intro, Gerry's tribute to his much-loved friend and peer John begins.

Words so poignant and true, you will feel the emotion of losing John all over again. When you feel the emotion wave over you - John comes back with some wise words of his own, and you feel you are there, in the white room, having the conversation you have always wanted to have with this much-missed man.

The ghostly gatefold booklet has been designed by Liverpool's own Steve Jacuzzi, in the unmistakable 'Lennon' style. Open the booklet, and you're standing on top of the Liver Buildings looking over Liverpool with Gerry, and remembering John in his hometown. Personal notes on the sleeve from Gerry Marsden tell about his close relationship with John.

Gerry sings with such feeling - it can only come from the heart of another great Liverpoodlian legend, Gerry Marsden. Thank you, Gerry, for keeping us in touch with John.

Track listing:

  1. Peace By The Year 2000*
  2. Much Missed Man (Gerry Marsden - tribute to John Lennon, featuring the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra)
  3. God Is A Powerhouse*
  4. I'm Quite Normal, Really*
  5. I Don't Want To Be A Martyr*
  6. Do You Make A Double Album Every Time?*
  7. Don't be A Leader
  8. We Have The Same Problems As Any Couple On Earth*

* John Lennon audio dialogue tracks

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