The Fall
Live At Deeply Vale Festival, 1978

Contains an eight-page biographical booklet with rare photos of The Fall live at Deeply Vale.

Line-up: Mark E Smith - vocals, Karl Burns drums, Yvonne Pawlett - keyboards, Marc Riley [future BBC Radio DJ Marc Lard] - bass guitar, Martin Bramah guitar.

1978 and 1979 were the crowning years of the fast growth of the legendary Deeply Vale Festivals in terms of not only the major names that came onto the bill [e.g. Steve Hillage and Nik Turner] but also the relative unknowns [as in only the educated few had heard of them] that would become future major groundbreaking forces in popular music. For instance, this Deeply Vale 1978 set from a relatively unknown Prestwich band The Fall, fronted by Mark E. Smith, who were then followed on stage after the glorious set captured on this CD by an impromptu set from Gus of The Drones, John the Postman and Glenn Jones - all using the Fall's equipment, and this was then followed by one of the earliest performances from Vinnie Reilly's Durutti Column. All of that afternoon's performances at Deeply Vale were overseen by future Factory Record's supremo Tony Wilson.

This Fall set is a fantastic audio document of their performance that afternoon.  Sleeve notes by Fall-i-cologist rock writer Mick Middles.

Track Listing

  1. Repetition (6:19)
  2. Psycho Mafia (2:27)
  3. Rebellious Jukebox (3:17)
  4. Frightened (4:54)
  5. Stepping Out (2:46)
  6. Like to Blow (1:46)
  7. Mess of My (2:54)
  8. Mother-Sister (3:22)
  9. Industrial Estate (1:51)
  10. It's the New Thing (3:28)
  11. Futures and Pasts (3:00)
  12. Music Scene (fades out at 4:58)

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