Big George and the Business "All Fools’ Day"

The second CD Album from Big George Ross Watt and his band the Business.

This album sees him bring in saxophone and keyboard players with a more balladic approach to his perfomance. Apart from the sparkling guitar licks, the Frankie Miller/Joe Cocker type of vocals, there are some heavy duty songs here best summed up as Celtic Blues meets Rock, George can move you, make you laugh, give you the blues or rock you out. The best line to describe this album comes from one of many great reviews it has already received: "This is one hell of an album".

Track Listing

1. Victoria
2. All Fools’ Day
3. Tower Hill Road
4. Take A Walk In The Wilderness
5. Sun Don't Shine
6. This Breed Of Mine
7. Ain't Nothing Left
8. Let My Love
9. Sweet Confusion
10. A Heart That Understands

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