The Fall - Northern Cream, The Fall DVD That Fights Back

Format: DVD
Catalogue Number: OZITDVD008
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ozit Records
Release Date: 13 April 2009
Price: 13.99

Brand newly discovered footage of the Fall from 1981 including the only known film of The Fall with the clarinet player Dave Tucker.

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Track Listing

1 Unreleased 1981 concert footage: Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul, Leave The Capitol, C'N'C-S / Mithering / Hassle Schmuck, Slates, slags etc.
2 Unreleased in depth documentary with great interviewfrom Mark E. Smith
3 Audio footage and stills including audio outakkes
4 Full Leeds Univercity 1981 Concert: Container Drivers, Hip Priest, Draygo's Guilt, Impression Of J Temperance, Totally Wired, C'N'C-S / Mithering / Hassle Schmuck, Middle Mass, English Scheme, Winter, Jambone And The Air Rifle, Slates, Slags Etc, That Man, When The Moon Falls, Prole Art Threat

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