Around 3 Hours 40 Minutes

Rare footage from the late 70s cross-cultural festivals that brought together all types of music including punk, progressive, reggae, prog/space rock, blues etc.  Features music footage from Steve Hillage, The Fall, Ruts, Here And Now, Nik Turner, Misty In Roots, Tractor, Fast Cars, Spizz Energi, and more. Also includes interviews with and/or video comments from artists that were there including Jimi Goodwin (Doves), Mark E Smith, Steve Hillage, Andy McLusky (OMD), Vini Reilly (Durutti Column) and lots more.

Music/ Performances/Rare Video (wherever possible - audio soundtracks, film and stills from the actual festival have been used for each artist)

Part one - Deeper Deeply Vale
Mick Middles’ memories - Part one
Misty In Roots - Six One Penny
Here and Now - What You See Is What You Are / comments from Grant Showbiz
Wilful Damage - Punk Space Rock
The Fall - intro by Marc Riley / Bingo Masters Break Out Inc. video / comments from Mark E. Smith
Tractor - Watching White Stars
Guitar George Borowski - This Is Not Love
Ruts - Jah Wars
Nik Turner - Anubis / plus Interview
Pete Farrow - Fixin to Die
Trevor Hyett - You Just Can’t Make It By Yourself
Tony Crabtree - God Damn It We’re All Gonna Die
Body - Brave New World
Danny and The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishop’s Dead Body
Mick Middles’ memories - Part Two
Steve Hillage - Searching For The Spark
David Bacha and DJ Foggy - Beautiful Friday Night
Accident on the East Lancs - We Want It Legalised
Fast Cars - Who Loves Jimmy Anderton
The Trend - The Cookie Flow
Unknown artist 1
Dave Smith’s on-stage speech
Unknown artist 2
Unknown artist 3
Spizz Energi - Medley
Foreign Press
Rivington Spyke - Poetry
Unknown artist 4
Elti Fits - Rebel Rebel

Part Two - Truly Madly Deeply Vale - the 49-minute documentary
Jimi Goodwin - Doves
Mark E. Smith
Chris Hewitt - one of the festival organisers
Vini Reilly - Durutti Column
Andy McCluskey - OMD
Jim Milne - Tractor
Steve Clayton - Tractor
Graham Massey - 808 State
Grant Showbiz
Steve Hillage
Alan Hempsall - Crispy Ambulance
Luke Bainbridge - Observer Music Monthly
Stuart and Steve Murray - Fast Cars
Phil Odell and Stanny - Wilful Damage

Part Three - Interview extras
Steve Cowen - Mock Turtles
Mark E Smith - around 20 minutes of classic Mark E. Smith talking about Deeply Vale and The Fall
Jim Goodwin - Doves
Vini Reilly - Durutti Column
Andy McCluskey - OMD
Luke Bainbridge - Observer Music Monthly
Graham Massey - 808 State

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