Week of June 27, 1999


Alphataurus (1973) Magma - MAGL 18001
Dietro L'Uragano (1973, rel. 1993) Mellow Records - MMP 132

Pietro Santandrea: Drums
Giorgio Santandrea: Drums
Pietro Pellegrini: Keyboards
Guido Wasserman: Guitar
Alfonso Oliva: Bass
Michele Bavaro: Vocals

Unfortunately the music press of the time spoke very little about this remarkable band. They were only one of the many "meteorite" groups of that period, recording just one album in 1973 for Magma, an independent label managed by members of New Trolls. The record's album graphics are excellent, with a cover that can be opened at both sides (triple-fold). This album was also extremely well done, with the singer and the keyboard player putting in incredibly inspired performances (particularly intricate mellotron and Hammond organ work). Conceptually, their album is extremely original too, even if some cuts show the influence of foreign music, in particular ELP. Unfortunately their career shows once again that the best groups do not always succeed in emerging into the big league. After this, the group recorded a second, all-instrumental, album. This unreleased work finally saw the light of day (on CD) in 1993, entitled "Dietro L'Uragano".

Taken from "The Return of Italian Pop" by Paolo Barotto (Vinyl Magic VM201, 8016158220124)
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