John Peelís Dandelion Records

Ozit DVD 007

RELEASED? 1st February

SOUNDS LIKE? A DVD that is so epic it makes me sink to my knees and spread out my arms in a field of fresh snow whilst the camera pulls up into the clouds until I disappear in a flurry of flakes into the whiteness.

TREVOR TERRANT SAYS: is it any good? Does the pope shit holy relics on a daily basis?


TT SAYS: Did Elvis leave his bloated corpse on a toilet with a half chewed burger and a pharmacy of pills in his gut?

SC SAYS: Erm, yep.

TT SAYS: Was John Peel a God of music and all that is aurally satisfying?

SC SAYS: Of course.

TT SAYS: So why the fuck are you asking me if this is any good? Of course it fucking is. I'm sorry to swear in the presence of such a meticulous historic document but, fuck me this is more than I could ever imagine.

SC SAYS: Basically, this six hour epic retrospective is to musos what the Arc of the Covenant is to monocled Nazis. We don't have enough space to go into the massive amount of material that is on this DVD, I could write a book, and many have, on the influence of Dandelion records and the artists therein.

TT SAYS: Named after a hamster.

SC SAYS: What?

TT SAYS: John Peel named the company after one of his hamsters, the publishing company was named after the other, Biscuit. That's what I learnt.

SC SAYS: Thanks for that Trev. But there is so much more to this DVD, you've got Kevin Coyne's pretty much last concert for fucks sake, and usually that would be on one DVD and that's it, but that's just the tip of the giant iceberg of Titanic sinking proportions that is this glorious buy. You've got the likes of Stack Waddy, Medicine Head, The Way We Live, Sheila Ravenscroft all doing their thing just for this DVD, as well as a stack load more of aural giants from days gone by. Live performances fired out for your pleasure left right and centre, interviews, anecdotes, tales from the weird side.

TT SAYS: If you care about music and what made British music the eclectic force it is today then I guarantee this shit will rock your tiny little world.

SC SAYS: Trev, can I be you for a second?

TT SAYS: Sure, knock yourself out.

SC SAYS: Listen you fuck cum hanky licks, I'll say this once and once only, you best fucking reco-fucking-nise!

TT SAYS: I don't sound like that, what does that even mean?

SC SAYS: I'm just saying it's pretty good.

TT SAYS: Tell you what, you stick to being you and I'll stick to being me. Hanky licks? You are weird.

SC SAYS: Alright, I'll just say that this is more than a music DVD, it's a five year in the making, six hour long historic document that represents one of the most influential music labels ever. You owe it to yourself.

TT SAYS: Right, now can we slag some shit off?

SC SAYS: With pleasure.


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