Chris Adams (of String Driven Thing) "The Damage II"
(An Album Of Enchantment And Disenchantment)
OZIT CD 0028

"…The lazy warmth of Chris Adams' voice…" (The Guardian)
"…'The Damage' is full of emotion... actually, it's bursting with it… Chris Adams avoids shallowness and false pathos; he's earnest and sincere…" (Heartbeat Magazine)
"…Chris Adams is said to be something of a recluse…" (Mojo Magazine)
"…Chris Adams supplying suitably dark and troubled musings…" (Q Magazine)
"...Chris' laid-back, emotional tunes will find favour with fans of his old band and anyone with a keen ear for a well-tuned lyric!" (Record Collector)

New 12-track CD album (some originally released songs have now been remastered). All tracks written and recorded by Chris Adams (the front man, lead vocalist and guitarist of String Driven Thing). Four tracks have never been released before at all, and this is the first time for all of the tracks contained therein to appear on CD in the UK, as well as internationally. The CD comes with an 8-page full colour booklet and a double-sided inlay containing rare archive shots of String Driven Thing and Chris Adams.

Track Listing:

  1. If This Ain't Love
  2. On The Brink
  3. Indian Summer Day
  4. The Damage
  5. Till You Lose It
  6. Love And War
  7. We Area Song
  8. Wolf
  9. Stoney Ridge (Dedicated To Roger McGuinn)
  10. Easy Target
  11. Stranger
  12. Windy Street

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