Eddie Hardin Discography

By Miguel Terol with kind help from the man himself!
(All release catalogue numbers are U.K. unless otherwise stated)

A Wild Uncertainty

"Man With Money/Broken Truth" (Planet, 1965)

With Spencer Davis Group:

With their new face on (1968, UA 1192) (CD reissue: Repertoire, 1997  REP 4684-WY)
Funky (1968) (CD reissue: One Way, OW 34529)
Taking Out Time 1967-69 (aka Letters From Edith) (RPM 127)
The Masters (compilation) (Eagle Records, May 1999)

As Hardin & York:

Tomorrow today (1969, Bell, SBLL125) (CD reissue: Repertoire, 1994  REP 4481-WY)
World smallest big band (1970, Bell, SBLL136) (CD reissue: Repertoire, 1994  REP 4482-WY)
For the world (1971, Bell, SBLL141) (LP reissue: See For Miles, 1985)
Live At The Marquee (1994, RPM RPM135) (1971 recording)
Hardin & York Live (Repertoire 1994, REP 4459-WY) (1970 recording, previously a bootleg)

With reformed Spencer Davis Group:

Gluggo (1973, Vertigo, 6360088) (CD reissue: Repertoire, 1997  REP 4683-WY)
Living on a back street (1974, Vertigo, 6499978/6360105) (CD reissue: Repertoire, 1997  REP 4682-WY)
Catch You On The Rebop (Live in Europe 1973) (RPM 150)

As Hardin & York (again):

Hardin & York with Charlie McCracken (1974, Vertigo, 6360622) (CD reissue - Repertoire, 1994  REP4452WP)

With Axis Point:

Axis Point (1979, RCA, PL 30039)
Boast of the town (1980, RCA PL 25277) (CD reissue - BGO 576, 2002 - both albums on 1CD)

As Hardin & York (again):

Hardin & New York (1979, Teldec, 624595)
Still A Few Pages Left (1995, RPM Thunderbird CSA 106)

Solo albums:

Home is where you find it (1972, Decca TXS 106) (CD reissue - RPM 271, 2004)
You can't teach an old dog new tricks (1977, ATTIC LAT 1023) (CD reissue - Repertoire, 1994, REP4464WY)
Circumstancial evidence (1982, RCA) (CD reissue - Angel Air, SJPCD024)
Eddie Hardin & Zak Starkey's Musical Version of Wind In The Willows (President, 1985) (CD reissue - RPM 327, 2002)
Situations (President PTLS1089, 1988)
Wind in the willows  - live featuring Maggie Bell, Graham Bonnet, Rafael Ravenscroft, Jon Lord, Zak Starkey and others (1992, INAK/BOSE inak 9010 CD;1998, Angel Air)
When We Were Young (1996, INAK 11005 CD)
Dusk Til Dawn (Voiceprint BP316CD)
Just Passing Through (2000) - order here!

As Wizards Convention:

Wizards Convention (1976, RCA, RS 1085)
Wizards Convention, vol. 2 (1995, Resurgent; EDEL Germany edel 0029152EDL, Angel Air SJPCD009)
Wizards Convention, vol. 3 (1997, TDK CD, TDCN-5615)

Solo Singles:

"Driving / Where I'm going to sleep tonight" (1971, Decca, F 13252)
"Why does everybody put me down / Spend your money honey" (1972, Decca, F13307)
"S easy / Strange times" (1974, Mercury, 6008008)
"Summer days / Seems I'm always going to love you" (1975, GTO, GT24)
"Good morning to you / Wayfares' all" (1985, President, PT 538)
"Red nose city / Caribbean nights" (1987, President, PT 561)

With Deep Purple

Live at the Royal Albert Hall - "Love is all" (Roger Glover/Eddie Hardin) 4:40 
Featuring Ronnie James Dio, Eddie Hardin and Mickey Lee Soule. 

Japan December 1999 Polydor POCP-7445/6 [2CD] / Europe/Australia January 2000 Eagle Records/Spitfire Records 0000124 EDG 5034504112421 [2CD; with MPEG] / US February 2000 Eagle Records/Spitfire Records 0000124 EDG 5034504112421 [2CD; with different MPEG] / Europe October 2000 Eagle Records/Spitfire Records (Special Tour Edition) EDGTE 124 [2CD; no MPEG, but extra track] / US October 2000 Eagle Records/Spitfire Records 6-70211-5068-2 [2CD; no MPEG, but extra track]


Ray Fenwick - "Keep America beautiful, get a haircut" (1971, Decca, SKL 5090) (CD reissue: Angel Air, 1997, with 5 bonus tracks. Eddie appears in one of those bonus tracks)
Jake - "And In The Morning" (1972, Deram DM 350 - EH vocals)
Keef Hartley Band featuring Dick Heckstall Smith "Go Now"/"You Can't Sit Down"
Ewan Stephens "We Can Give It A Try" (Decca - EH vocals)
Ewan Stephens "Queen Of The Good Times" (Decca - EH vocals)
Bo Diddley - "London sessions" (1972, Checker, 6499476)
Roger Glover - "Butterfly ball" (1974, Purple TPSA 7514)
Eddie Hardin/Roger Glover as NATURAL MAGIC - "Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Isolated Lady" (Oyster, 1975)
The Sweet "A Cut Above The Rest" (1979, Capitol/EMI)

Renaissance - "Time line" (1983, IRS, SP 70033)
Chris Thompson "Out of the Night" (1983, Teldec, 625484)
Denny Laine - "Hometown girls" (1985, President, PTLS 1080)
Iris Williams "Peace Must Come Again" (President; EH - producer, songwriter, keyboards)
Michael D'Abo "Indestructable" (President, 1987, PTLS 1084)
Pete York "Pete York presents Super Drumming, Volume II " (Disk 1) (1989, BMG Ariola)
Pete York "Pete York presents Super Drumming, Volume II " (Disk 2) (1989, BMG Ariola)
Renaissance - "Songs from Renaissance days" (1997, compilation, HTD CD 73)

Various Artists: Maxi-Single: "You'll Never Walk Alone/Messages" (1985, Spartan) (SR 12124)

This was a maxi-single where a massive all-star lineup was assembled in the aid of the Bradford City Disaster Fund.  The list of people involved in the recording of this single is immense: Gerry Marsden (from Gerry & The Pacemakers, he was the one who made this very song famous back in the early '60s), Tony Christie, Denny Laine, Tim Healy, the late Gary Holton (from Heavy Metal Kids), Ed Stewart, Tony Hicks (from Back Door), Kenny Lynch, Colin Blunstone (ex-Zombies), Chris Robinson, A.Curtis, Phillip Lynott (from Thin Lizzy), Bernie Winters, Girlschool, Black Lace (featuring the late Alan Barton - later with Smokie), John Ottway, Rick Wakeman (from Yes), Baron Knights, Tim Hinkley, Brendan Shine, John Verity (from Argent), Rolf Harris, Rob Heaton, Patrick McDonald, Smokie, Bruce Forsythe, Johnny Logan (of Eurovision hit "What's Another Year" fame), Colbert Hamilton, Dave Lee Travis, Rose Marie, Frank Allen, Jim Diamond (from Ph.D), Graham Gouldman (from 10CC, also functioning as the producer here), Pete Spencer, Chris Norman (both ex-Smokie), Gerard Kenny, The Nolans, Graham Dene, Suzy Grant, Peter Cook, The Foxes, Jess Conrad, Kin Kelly, Motorhead, John Entwistle (from The Who), Jimmy Hennie, Joe Fagan, David Shilling, Karen Clark, Gary Hughes, Zak Starkey (misspelled as Zac), Eddie Hardin, Paul McCartney, Kiki Dee, Keith Chegwin, and John Conteh.

The maxi-single contains two versions of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' (long and short versions), along with some messages.

Thanks to Miguel Terol for the info!