Week of January 22, 2006


Personnel - Unknown trio:
organ, synthesizer, bass, acoustic guitar, drums and vocals

1998: La Storia di Sabazio (1973) Derby DBR 65801
Vinyl and CD reissue: Si-Wan (SRMC 5001), South Korea, 1993
CD: Vinyl Magic - VM038, 1994 and BTF - VM CD 105, 2005

A short-lived and obscure group, in fact, no one knows even the names of its members. A large part of their album is instrumental, such as the 4-part suite "Sabazo". This is typical keyboard-based classically-inclined progressive rock in the Emerson Lake & Palmer style.

Triade's playing is refined and slightly academic. The album has a short running time and no "special features"; still it is quite good. Check it out if you consider yourself a keyboard fanatic!

Taken from Scented Gardens of the Mind - A guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock (1968-1980) in more than 20 European Countries, by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-12-2

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