Week of July 20, 2008


Jock Davis - Bass
Baird Hersey - Guitar
Kim Ornitz - Vocals
Ricky Salter - Drums

Swampgas (Buddah BDS 5102) 1971

A superb and little-known album produced by the group members and Artie Kornfeld (Wind In The Willows, Artie Kornfeld Tree...) and engineered by Shelly Yakus at A&R Studios, NYC. A psychic chiropractor, Charlie Tuna, is also credited on the album!

Consisting of eight long tracks, all but one are composed by Baird Hersey. A mixture of some fast numbers ("Patato Strut", "Don't"), some melancholic ballads, two complex tracks ("Eulogy", "Trapped In The City") and a raga with sitar ("Egg Shells"). Baird Hersey was obviously influenced by Hendrix, but goes further than his influences and the guitars (electric and acoustic) are especially interesting. Kim Ornitz's voice sounds a bit like Henry Tree's vocalist.

Baird Hersey released at least two solo albums: "Lookin' For That Groove" in 1978, consisting of jazz-rock (Novus/Arista) and "ODO OP8 FX" in 1980 (Bent), which was very experimental, with tape loops.

Artie Kornfeld had previously played with The Changin' Times.

(Stephane Rebeschini)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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