Week of June 10, 2001

Museo Rosenbach

Giancarlo Golzi: Drums
Alberto Moreno: Bass, Piano
Enzo Merogno: Guitar
Pit Corradi: Keyboards
Stefano 'Lupo' Galifl: Vocals

LP Zarathustra (1973) Ricordi - SMRL 6113

Museo Rosenbach formed in Liguria (and, strangely, not in Genova but Bordighera) in 1972, and began its career as backing band for Ricchi E Poveri and Delirium. In the beginning of 1973, they came out onto the market with their only album, "Zarathustra", which was a project inspired by Nietzsche's Superman theory. The album is very immediate in sound, and the style is close to that of other Italian groups of that period, e.g. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso. The record features typical Mediterranean sounds even though the playing is very 'jagged' in places. There are classical music influences in evidence, with the keyboards brought to the fore. After the release of this album, the quintet performed again at the third annual Festival Of Avant-garde Music And New Trends in 1973, and then disbanded. It's also worth mentioning that drummer Giancarlo Golzi joined Matia Bazar in 1975, the group he has stayed with since.

Taken from "The Return of Italian Pop"  by Paolo Barotto (Vinyl Magic VM201, 8016158220124)
Vinyl Magic web site: www.btf.it

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