Week of October 24, 2004


Werner Nadolny - Keyboards, Vocals
Hanno Grossmann - Guitars
Matthias Jabs - Guitars
Christian Reinhardt - Bass, Vocals
Claus Zaake - Drums
Rob Perotti - Drums

same (Vertigo 6360 636) 1976
CD: Lady S/T & Charly Maucher "Performance" (2 on 1) Still Shakin' 890004-2, 2004

Just like Harlis, this was an offshoot from the Hannover group Jane. At the end of 1973, Werner Nadolny left this group to create his own music. This resulted in the formation of Lady in 1976. Their single album was recorded in May 1976, featuring pomp-rock not that different from the parent group. At the end of 1976, Grossmann and Zaake quit and were replaced by Matthias Jabs (later with Scorpions) and Rob Perotti.

Taken from Cosmic Dreams at Play - A guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock by Dag Erik AsbjÝrnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-01-7

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