Week of December 8, 2002

Fanny Adams

Johnny Dick - Drums 
Vince Malouney - Guitar 
Doug Parkinson - Vocals 
Teddy Toi - Bass

Fanny Adams (MCA MAPKS 4069) 1971
(also issued in the US (Kapp 3644); on CD: Lizard, LR0702-2, 1998)

Got To Get A Message To You/They're All Losers Honey (MCA MCA-1184) 1971 

A short-lived and self-indulgent heavy rock venture formed by Parkinson and Malouney in the UK. When they got to Australia, they claimed they'd be one of the best bands in the world, but were overshadowed by several local bands. Tensions soon emerged, and the band fell apart after Doug Parkinson left to revive Doug Parkinson In Focus. The flip side to their 45 had been listed on their album credits but didn't appear on the actual album, which is full of heavy progressive blues numbers and crunching guitar riffs. Despite turmoil within the group it was a worthwhile release.

One cut from the album, "Ain't No Loving Left" later appeared on Raven's CD compilation, "Golden Mile".

(Vernon Joynson/Ian McFarlane/Stephane Rebeschini)

Taken from "Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares" by Vernon Joynson, an extensive guide to Canadian / Australian / New Zealand and Latin American psych and garage music 1963 - 1976.

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