Week of January 23, 2005


Colin Campbell Guitar
Shayna Karlin - Vocals
Bob Lloyd - Drums, Chimes
Colin Dryden
Jim Stanley Bass
Ken Firth Bass
Richard Lockwood - Flute, Harpsichord

Hush (Sweet Peach SP 12003) 1971
CD: Vicious Sloth Collectables VSC016, 2003

A Love Song/Minuet (Sweet Peach SP 110) 1971

An acoustic band formed in Sydney in 1969. They dedicated their songs to the love of Meher Baba. Their music drew on blues, jazz, traditional folk and Eastern influences. They were closely associated with Tully.

They date back to the late sixties when Colin Dryden and Colin Campbell played Sydney's folk clubs prior to putting together the first line-up, which played at the 1970 National Folk Festival. After that, Dryden left the band and Campbell and Shayna Karlin joined Tully. Then in 1971, a new line-up was formed and recorded the fragile folk album Hush, on which Shayna Karlin's vocals are magical. It is extremely rare now. One track, A Love Song, also appeared on 45, but Dear One with its alternating male-female vocals and the eerie Ice particularly catch the ear.

(Ian McFarlane/Vernon Joynson)

Taken from "Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares" by Vernon Joynson, an extensive guide to Canadian / Australian / New Zealand and Latin American psych and garage music 1963 - 1976.

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