Week of August 10, 2003


Alan Goldman - Guitar
Jerry Greenberg - Drums, Vocals
Paul Lupien - Keyboards, Vocals
George Runyan - Lead Vocals, Bass

Bump (Pioneer PRSD 2150) 1970 
(repressed a few years back and has been pirated on CD. A legitimate CD reissue, on Gear Fab (GF-142)2000, includes the first 45 as bonus tracks.)

Winston Built The Bridge/Sing Into The Wind (Pioneer 2147) 1969
Got To Get You Back/State Of Affairs (Pioneer 2148) 1970

From Michigan. Original pressings of the album, which is an organ-based progressive affair somewhere between The Nice and Van der Graaf Generator, are sought-after by collectors. The opening cut, 'Sing Into The Wind', is one of the most commercial tracks, with a catchy introduction and great keyboards. 'State Of Affairs' is a gentle organ-based pop song. 'Daydream' has dramatic vocals but a weaker song structure. 'Spider's Eyes' has a great organ intro and some fine guitar/organ interplay. The remaining material is less convincing, however, though the ten-minute finale, 'Lifeline - Decisions - You Can't Even Think', does have its moments. 

You'll also find the punkier 'Winston Built The Bridge' on 'Gone, Vol. 1' (LP) and 'Mind Blowers' (LP).

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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